Processing of ready-to-eat bags

Processing of ready-to-eat bags

The ready-to-eat bag made from pickled roasts has a low fat and cholesterol content and a good flavor and is popular with consumers. The processing process is: slaughter bloodletting→ hair removal and opening → cleaning and pickling → baking and packaging → autoclaving. 1. Raw material treatment: Choose 3-month-old healthy quail weighing 0.5-0.6 kg, slaughter blood after 8-12 hours of slaughter, dip hot water with 65-70°C for 1-1.5 minutes, and put it into hair removal machine for hair removal. Remove the net hair from the clear water, remove the claws, cut the abdominal cavity along the midline of the abdomen, remove the internal organs, rinse, and drain the water. 2. Dry salting: 0.75 kg of salt and 10 g of sodium nitrate per 50 kg of oysters. Pour the salt into the pan and fry it until no vapor escapes. After cooling, mix it with sodium nitrate. Rubbed your body with a salt mixture and focused on rubbing the pectoral muscles. After rubbing the salt, the skin is stacked flat down into the cylinder and marinated for 3 to 5 days. 3. Wet salting: 50 kg of water per 50 kg of ravioli, 1.5 kg of salt, 1 kg of sugar, 0.5 kg of cooking wine, 250 g of licorice, 150 g of star anise, 25 g of cinnamon, 20 g of clove, 100 g of pepper and 100 g of pepper. The spices are wrapped in gauze, put into water, boiled, boiled until a rich aroma, into the marinated salt-containing, sugar-containing jar, stirring, cooling, adding wine and stir into a marinade. The dried and pickled clams are dipped in clean water, drained and marinated for 6 to 8 days in a marinade. The pickling liquid is reusable and the used pickling liquid is of better quality. 4. Baking: Put the preserved quail on the chopping board (skins down), hand-press the clavicle to make it flat, and then use a string or hook to hang the pupa, and put it in 45 to 50. The oven (box) of °C is baked for 8 to 12 hours until the moisture content is about 30%. 5. Packaging: The baked crucible is packaged in a composite aluminum foil bag, vacuum-sealed, and autoclaved in an autoclave.

Tattoo Machine is a hand-held device generally used to create a tattoo, a permanent marking of the skin

with indelible ink. Modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils to move an armature bar up and down,

Connected to said armature bar is a barred needle grouping that pushes ink into the skin. Tattoo artists generally

use the term "machine", or even "iron", to refer to their equipment. The word "gun" is often used but many

tattoo professionals dislike it. Then there are the Tattoo machines which are available at the numerous Tattoo

Supplies stores. These are also known as Tattoo Guns. There is a vast selection of stylish tattoo guns which are

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Middling Tattoo Machine

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