Euonymus japonicus

Euonymus japonicus

Cypress alias: Holly Euonymus, Zhengmu. Scientific name: Buxus microphylla Sieb. et Zucc Family: Cycloviroidea.
Tree species characteristics: boxwood, also known as melon seeds boxwood, millennium dwarf, evergreen shrub or small trees. The trunks are grey and white, branches dense, branches four prisms. Leaves opposite, leathery, entire, elliptic or obovate, apex rounded or dimpled, surface bright green, yellow-green on the back. Clusters of leaf axils or branches, open from April to May, yellow-green flowers. The fruit is oval.
This genus still has buxus Cyclovirobuxine, leaf spoon-shaped or inverted lanceolate, the surface of dark green, shiny; pearl boxwood, evergreen, shrub, leaf-shaped, shiny. The above two kinds of beautiful tree posture are precious tree species for making bonsai.
The boxwood produces various provinces and regions in central China and has wild areas below 1300 meters above sea level. The Yangtze River basin and its many areas south of the cultivation. Hi light, also more shade-tolerant, suitable for fertile, loose, moist place, acidic soil, neutral soil or slightly alkaline soil can adapt. Eruptive, resistant to pruning.
The production of bonsai (1) The seedlings planted by seeding or cutting propagation were cultivated for several years and transplanted on pots. It is also possible to select old piles from the mountains. After digging, trim the long roots and dense branches, first expose the ground for 1 to 2 years, and then process the pots.
(2) Upper basin 1 selection basin: Cyperus roxburghii has oil green all year round, and it is better to use purple clay pots, and the basin color is purple or light yellow. The basin shape is based on the shape. The cliff type is suitable for deep 1000 cones, oblique or curved dry type with oval or rectangular pots.
2 with soil: bonsai with soil to mature pastoral soil or rot leaf soil mixed with appropriate ridge ash for the cultivation of soil, should be fertile, to good ventilation and loam is better. The old pile basin should be equipped with soil.
3 planting: Cyclovirobuxine is more cold-resistant, can be carried out in the spring before germination, when planting must be cut too long dense root system, do not make the root nest in the basin. Just planted boxwood should be placed at half shade.
(3) Shaped Cyclovirobuxine is strong in germination. Before the modelling, the trunk can be truncated and new techniques can be created around or below the cross section. Then, according to the requirements of the art form, the branches can be climbed and the brown silk can be used for climbing in the spring. It can also be cut thinly, made into a cloud shape or bread shape, or processed into a natural tree shape. The trunk follows its natural tendency and is made into an oblique dry or lean shape. If the scenic spots of the yellow poplar are decorated with the stone, it will become a "yellowhead". Poplar is very resistant to pruning, strong germination, in order to maintain a beautiful tree, you must often processing plastic surgery.
Conservation management (l) watering Cyclovirobux wee moist, bonsai need to always water, keep the basin soil moist, but not water. During the high temperature period in summer, it is necessary to water in the morning and evening, and spray leaf water.
(2) fertilization in the growth period of 5 to 8 months, apply 2 to 3 Huan cooked thin cake water can be applied in winter basal fertilizer, cooked with manure or dry cake fat can be.
(3) At the time of pruning growth, leggy branches, overlapping branches and excess branches affecting the tree shape are cut at any time. The boxwood grows faster, and after the new shoots are made, the apexes are cut off from 1 to 2 knots, which can prevent leggy. After the results of Cyclovirobuxia, it should be removed in time to avoid consumption of nutrients and affect the growth of tree vigor.
(4) Turning the pots usually takes 2 to 3 years, and the time is preferably before the spring sprouts. Combine the old roots and overly-dense root systems with one-off pots, replace 1/2 old soil, and plug loose fertile soil to develop the root system.
(5) Pest control The main insect pests of boxwood are the scale insects and the Cyperus rotundus. The scale insects can be washed or killed by artificial brushing, or sprayed with 80% dichlorvos for 1500 times. The boxworm is sprayed with 80% trichlorfon powder. Or with 40% omethoate spray 1000 ~ 2000 times. The main disease* has coal pollution, which can cause defoliation. The key to prevention and control is to remove scale insects, and often spray leaf surface water to wash the dust and make it grow well. Ornamental Cymbidium Bonsai has graceful posture, leaflets are small and thick and shiny, and are evergreen. Poplar bonsai Yangpai, branches and leaves processed by cutting, into a "cloud-like", flat thin as cut, and then embellishment of rocks, elegant and picturesque.
The young leaves of the boxwood spring begin to bloom, full of trees and green, very pleasing to the eye. The ancients had the poems of Huang Yang, and they were closely related to the yellow poplar tree. Depicting the style of the boxwood, it is an excellent material for family cultivation of bonsai.

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