Bio-fertilizer: Stable is “born”, and unstable is “dead”! !

Bio-fertilizer: Stable is “born”, and unstable is “dead”! !

Bio-fertilizer: stable is "longevity", and instability is "fast death"! !
The stability of performance is the "lifeblood" of biological fertilizers and microbial fertilizers.

In the market, "microbial fertilizers" are often associated with "microbial fertilizers," "biological fertilizers," "fertilizers," "microbial agents," "composite microbial fertilizers," "composite microbial fertilizers," and "bioorganic fertilizers." Mixed for the same meaning, there are actually differences. As a typical representative of high-quality microbial fungus fertilizers, Gymboree microbial fertilizers are often used as biological fertilizers and microbial fertilizers. They are a class of microbial preparations containing “vitality” and have functions of nitrogen fixation, phosphate release, and potassium release. Hundreds of millions of functional bacteria form hundreds of millions of “biological fertilizer plants” in the soil, which can promote the absorption and utilization of nutrient elements in crops, increase the utilization of chemical fertilizers and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers; effectively restore soil strength, reduce soil compaction, and increase soil supply. Fertilizer capacity; Enhances crop resistance; Increases crop yields; Improves crop quality; Multiple functional microbes that are contained in the soil produce a large number of secondary metabolites during growth and reproduction. These products promote soil aggregate structure. form. Kumbak Biofertilizer combines the advantages of organic fertilizers, chemical fertilizers, and microbial activity. It has many different characteristics from other fertilizers. These characteristics are summarized in the following aspects:
1 The word "live" takes the lead. It is dominated by the role of "living" microorganisms, providing nutrients to plants and coordinating the release of various mineral elements in the soil. 2 "Quality first." Overcome the disadvantages of single-use chemical fertilizers that cause degradation of soil physical and chemical properties and quality of agricultural products. 3 "Shu Jinghuo". Increased plough layer soil organic matter, improved soil structure, improved soil fertility, and improved agricultural product quality. 4 "smooth water". Balanced supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements required for plant growth. 5 "outstanding group". Increased the "beneficial microbial flora" of plough layers, and strengthened the soil microflora to make it lasting. 6 "Strong health." It has a significant yield increase effect and can improve the plant's stress resistance, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. 7 "Value for money". Compared with the application of other fertilizers, the cost performance is excellent, can save chemical fertilizers, pesticides, provincial labor hours, after the application of crops, there is little residue, "mouth", "see phase", "sales phase" greatly increased, the commodity rate increased, the selling price is good, The economic benefits doubled. 8 "Short and fine." Compared with the application of organic fertilizer, it overcomes the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient transportation, saves time and labor, and is easy to apply. 9 "Safe and simple." Compared with the simple chemical fertilizer, there is no phenomenon that the seedlings are burned due to the high concentration, or the soil salt content is high and the plant growth is inhibited. 10 "Get rich quickly." Distribution agents, who make money in the year, and use by users, have greatly increased their earnings, which is an investment that is less effective. Why choose the golden treasure microbial fertilizer (biological fertilizer)? First, the technical background has a long history. The essence of technology research and development in 70 years, the quality is exceptionally stable. Second, the brand rang. The requirements for joining Golden Baby and Jinbao for brand cooperation are endless, and the brand power and value are rising. Third, the unique marketing planning, promotion and full support.
For details, please visit the company's website (for the most recent information, please enter the keyword “Microbial Fungus Fertilizer”. Search in famous websites such as “Google”, “Baidu” and “NetEase”):; 62110749, 68976151, 81428238 Mr. Xia (Kimbo Classroom) /Microbial Products/Biofertilizer)

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