Causes and Prevention of Burning Tiles in Diesel Engines

Causes and Prevention of Burning Tiles in Diesel Engines

In the spring plowing production, small wheeled tractors are used frequently. If the operator's level is low, the phenomenon of engine burning is frequent. Lighter bearings burn out, heavy crankshaft distortion, and even blow-by-cylinder accidents, causing unnecessary economic losses. There are two reasons for the burning of tiles: First, if the burning tile suddenly occurs during use, it generally belongs to the use of the problem: 1, the lack of oil, the pump can not suck oil; 2, the oil plug is not timely when changing the oil Twist or forget to tighten, the oil plug is lost during operation, all of the oil suddenly leaks; or the exposed oil pipe comes in contact with other parts and causes friction, and the oil pipe is worn out, which causes the oil to drain; 3, the oil contains impurities, Scratches the tiles. Especially aluminum-based bearings are more serious. Once the scraped metal chips are out of the oil path, they stick on the tiles after extrusion and accumulate for a certain period of time, and they burn tiles. 4. If the engine is overloaded for too long, the viscosity of the engine oil will drop or deteriorate. Preventive measures: 1, the use of lubricating oil according to the maintenance program to select the appropriate model, and should always check the oil level, such as oil shortage should be added in time; 2, the temperature is lower to start when the friction part of the full lubrication, and then Make the engine run at a high speed; 3. Observe the oil pressure gauge when the engine is working. If the oil pressure is low, remove the fault in time. 4. Clean or replace the oil filter element frequently to prevent the oil containing metal chips and other impurities from entering the main. Oil road. Second, the phenomenon of burning tile if it does not work before the repair, the repair method is the problem: 1, the tile is installed in reverse, the oil channel is blocked; 2, the oil channel cleaning is not clean, there are impurities; 3, the main bearing seat Crack; 4, assembly, bearing and journal contact area is small, even point contact; 5, the coarse filter is not installed correctly, can not filter. Prevention methods: 1, in the assembly process to be careful operation, pay attention to dredge the lubricating oil, and the shaft to achieve the required finish; 2, maintenance and cleaning of the filter, if found scraped metal shavings to identify the reasons, and timely cleaning Replacement; 3, after assembly, the contact surface of the journal should reach more than 75% of the whole area, and the crankshaft rotation is flexible. If there is some contact, it should be scraped. 4. The maintenance of the lubrication system should meet the technical requirements, and should be observed after startup. The oil pressure is normal, and the test runs according to the regulations. After the test run, the oil must be replaced, and the oil filter element must be cleaned or replaced. In addition, due to the poor quality of the tile itself and other reasons, it may cause the engine to burn tiles. Specific analysis should be made on the specific issues. The emphasis on prevention during use and maintenance can play a role.

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