The storage and preservation of apricot

The storage and preservation of apricot

1. Determination of suitable harvesting maturity of apricot Determine the appropriate harvesting maturity is the key to storage of apricots. Judgment of maturity can be based on the number of days of fruit development, changes in the color of the fruit, the texture of the peel and pulp, the aromatic flavor of the fruit, and the fruiting of the fruit. The firmness and other factors determine.
For the storage of apricots should be in the fruit to achieve the size of the intrinsic size, the fruit surface from green to yellow, the Yang surface shows the inherent color of the species, the pulp is still hard, nutrients have been fully accumulated, slightly variety flavor, roughly eight mature when harvested . Exported fruits are harvested at this time and there is sufficient time for packaging and transportation.
As apricot ripening period and wheat harvest the same period, in order to save labor, you can use chemical aids to harvest, according to the Northwest Agricultural College test, hard core spray 0.1% B9 +0.1% detergent detergent, can make the maturity period in advance 3 days, and the maturity period is the same, and it has a good influence on the quality of apricots.
2. The storage of ice in the ice cellar of apricot is a traditional method that uses natural ice frozen in winter or artificially watered in northern China to absorb the heat in the cellar, reduce the fruit temperature, and store the apricot for a long time. The ice cellar is made of brick and wood, made underground, 3.5-4.5 meters deep and 6-8 meters wide. The length depends on the storage volume and topography. Generally 20-25 meters, the surrounding cellar wall should achieve good thermal insulation performance, and the top should be set small Windows for ventilation, drainage wells at the bottom.
Put the apricots in boxes or baskets and put them in the ice cellar. Open the ice trough at the bottom of the cellar and at the bottom, and leave 0.3-0.6 m of ice pad bottom at the bottom. The boxes or baskets are stacked one by one. The spacing is 6-10 cm. The gap is filled with crushed ice. After code 6-7, cover 0.6-1.0m ice cubes on the surface, cover the surface with straw, tightly seal the cellar door, check the storage period, and deal with the deterioration fruit in time.
3, low-temperature air-conditioned storage of apricots Because of the air-conditioned storage of apricots need to be properly harvested, post-harvest soaked with 0.1% potassium permanganate dissolved in Chau for 10 minutes, remove and dry, so that both disinfection, cooling effect, but also delay after Mature decay. The dried apricots are quickly packed in baskets, pre-cooled for 12-24 hours, until the fruit temperature drops below 20°C, and then transferred to storage stacks. There is a gap of about 5 cm between the baskets, and the code height is 7-8. Layers, storage temperature control at 0 °C relative humidity of 85% -90%, with 5% carbon dioxide + 3% oxygen gas composition. It works best under such storage conditions. However, varieties that are more sensitive to low temperatures should not be used. The stored apricots should be gradually warmed up before they are sold, and cooked at a temperature of 18-24°C, which is conducive to a good taste.
4. Prevention of brown rot and soft rot in apricots The brown rot of apricots is characterized by a water-soaked lesion in the victim's fruit, which turns dark brown within 24 hours and reaches deeper. The disease is rotted even at full fruit for 3-4 days at higher temperatures. And infect each other during storage. The soft rot of apricot is immersed in the fruit through the wound. The victim formed a small round hazel brown spot, which later grew white mold and spread to full fruit, and finally turned black and gray. The spoilage was soft and wet, and the weakest resulted in whole fruit rot.
For the prevention of the above two diseases, the first is to strengthen pre-harvest management, improve fruit quality and tolerance, and avoid mechanical injury. Followed by post-harvest dipping with dichloronitroaniline solution.

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