How to quickly and accurately buy agricultural machinery hardware accessories?

How to quickly and accurately buy agricultural machinery hardware accessories?

1, to see if the model is appropriate to buy agricultural machinery parts, we must first find out what type of machine parts, followed by asking whether it is their own specifications. For example, when purchasing electrical parts, check whether the voltage and power of the parts to be replaced are the same; when selecting the drive belt, pay attention to whether the model and the perimeter are consistent; when selecting the fuel injection head, pay attention to the diameter of the spray hole and the atomization cone angle Accuracy; When selecting a piston or piston ring, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is a standard size or a larger size. 2. See if the trademark logo is complete. The packing box and box should be marked with the product name, specifications, model number, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, and telephone number. Some large or important spare parts are also equipped with instructions for use, certificates of conformity, and seals for inspectors when they leave the factory. They should be clearly identified when purchasing products to avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products. 3, see if the joint is flat on the joints, especially the sudden changes in the diameter of the casting or weldment of the weldment, see if there are no burrs, defects or cracks in the joint. 4. Look whether there are rusted metal parts on the surface of the parts to see whether there are rust spots on the surface, whether the rubber and plastic parts have obvious aging, cracks, lost elasticity, whether the axis parts have obvious turning lines, etc., if any. Exchange. 5. See if the protection surface is intact. The piston pin should be protected by paraffin. The piston ring should be coated with anti-rust oil on the surface of the cylinder liner. Wrap it with wrapping paper, such as plunger, oil valve, needle valve, valve, piston, etc. Anti-rust oil is sealed with a plastic sleeve. 6. Check whether the coupling parts are loose The accessories made up of multiple parts do not allow loosening of coupling parts, such as oil pump plunger and adjusting arm, clutch driven hub and steel sheet, friction plates and steel sheets, etc. If loose The normal work that will affect the parts should be exchanged. 7, to see if the rotating parts are flexible to choose the oil pump hydraulic pump assembly, when the pump shaft is turned by hand, should feel flexible without stuck; injection pump assembly, when toggle the adjustment arm, the plunger should be able to in the plunger sleeve The flexible rotation, push the roller, the plunger should be able to automatically return under the action of the spring. 8, see assembly parts without missing parts injector assembly should check the oil return joints seal steel pad tappet small ball and other small parts with or without leakage. For the fuel injection pump assembly, check whether the plunger positioning screw, roller body positioning pin, etc. are missing. 9, see the surface with or without wear If the wear surface with traces of wear, or painted parts poke the surface paint found after the old paint, it is mostly used parts. 10, to see if the surface hardness is up to the standard surface hardness of the fittings is required by the provisions, in the determination of the purchase and after the transaction with the business, available hacksaw fracture test plan, if the scratch when the trace of high hardness, scratches with shallow marks High hardness, low hardness with marked traces.

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air dried ginger 2

Product Name


Place of origin

Anqiu, Shandong, China


Fresh Ginger, air dried ginger


50g,100g,150g,200g,250g, 300g,350g and up.




30lb/plastic box,10kg/plastic box

20kg/mesh bag

8,10,15,20kg/ctn with PE bag inner


20-24mts per 40fcl.

Exporting standard:

Clean, Round Ginger, no rotten, no black mould, not broken

Supply period:

All year round.




1 x 40' RH

Shipment Port:

Qingdao Port ,China

Delivery time

7-10 days after the deposit

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