How to repair the motor after it is immersed in water

How to repair the motor after it is immersed in water

After the agricultural motor is flooded or immersed in water, inspection and repair shall be carried out immediately to remove the water and impurities therein so as to prevent damage or scrapping. The flooded agricultural motor should be overhauled in the following four steps. First, remove the external sludge, impurities, but do not rotate the motor shaft. Second, remove the boot body, cleaning the shell cavity, rotor and slip ring on the sludge and water stains, check whether the winding off the weld, the brush is rust in the brush holder stuck, the brush pressure is normal, brush and Whether the surface of the slip ring is tight or not should be eliminated if it is found to be faulty. Third, the winding drying. Can be baked with incandescent lamps to evaporate water, and can also be placed in ventilated areas to dry naturally. However, it must not be heated by current or baked by fire to prevent short circuits or damage to the insulation. After drying, the insulation properties of each wound coil must be checked with a megohmmeter or a multimeter. If it is found to have poor insulation, it should be overhauled. Fourth, the body will be repaired and commissioned. If there is no problem with the commissioning, you can put it into use.

Sunson Leather Enzyme is developed for leather industry. Soaking enzyme mainly used in soaking, can also be used in combination with other chemical agents. It can be widely used for soaking process in all kinds of dry hide, wet salted hide, fresh hide. Liming enzyme mainly used in liming, can also be used in combination with other chemical agents. Acid bating enzyme suited for all tanning operations in the acid side, such as, Pickling, Acid bating, Wet-Blue reconditioning and so on. Alkaline bating enzyme suited for all skin softening. Remove the non-fibrous proteins and dissoluble proteins. 

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The effectiveness is tender, balanced. Effectively improve the pliability and fullness of the leathers, increase the yield of leather output. When used in Wet-Blue reconditioning, it promotes the absorption of tanning agent and improve the dyeing uniformity, it has very good permeability, evenly soften effect can be obtained. Its use will not lead to loose grain on leather.

This product should be stored in a cool and dry place in sealed container, avoiding insolation, high temperature and damp.  The product has been formulated for optimal stability. Extended storage or adverse conditions such as higher temperature or higher humidity may lead to a higher dosage requirement.

Enzyme preparations are proteins, which may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. Prolonged contact may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or nasal mucosa, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, consult a doctor.

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