Troubleshooting of hatching hatching machine common faults and maintenance

Troubleshooting of hatching hatching machine common faults and maintenance

First, common troubleshooting methods. When removing the fault, pull out the power knife before unplugging the plug and connecting the connector. When installing, plug the plug and reclose the switch.
1, no alarm over temperature. One is to press the alarm test button. If the alarm can be normal, it indicates that the connection of the alarm conductive table is open or the conductive table is damaged. To connect the connection or replace the conductive meter, press the alarm test button and fail to alarm normally. Note that the electronic tube G1 (6P1) or relay J1 is damaged. It is necessary to repair or replace the electron tube and relay. The third is to open the heater wiring and check it and reconnect it.
2, the motor rotation sound is not normal or does not turn. One is the lack of phase of the motor. Check the fuses and wiring. If it is bad, replace it with a new one and connect it. Second, the motor is overloaded, the motor is damaged, and the motor is replaced.
3, mercury mercury conductive column off. The reason is that the conductive sheet is subject to severe vibration or the mercury column exceeds the platinum wire. Repair method: First, turn the adjusting cap clockwise so that the indicator iron is turned to the upper end of the scale. Then, the mercury ball at the lower end of the conductive meter is immersed in hot water and slowly heated, so that the broken mercury column rises to the capillary vesicles. Inside, shake a little to connect the broken mercury column, then take the mercury ball out of the hot water and allow it to cool naturally. If it cannot be repaired once, repeat the above steps.
4. There are two temperature differences between the incubators. If the tension on both sides of the belt is inconsistent and the temperature is not uniform, adjust the belt so that the tightness is the same (open the side window door and adjust the pulley screw); if the side door is not closed, enter the cold air, close the door; If it is unreasonable to adjust the temperature control conductive table on both sides, it is necessary to check the constant temperature of the conductive tables on both sides and measure the temperature difference between the two sides with a thermometer to determine the constant temperature of the conductive tables on both sides. If the temperature difference between the two sides due to heater or fan failure is too large, trouble should be eliminated as described above.
Second, repair and maintenance
1. Incubation controller maintenance and maintenance. To regularly check the relay contacts, if the oxidation is heavy, use a No. 0 sandpaper to gently polish the contacts; every six months or 1 year, the hatch controller should open the shell with a brush to remove fluff; if the incubation controller is not used for a long time, it should be from the incubator Remove it and place it in a ventilated, dry place to prevent rust.
2, incubator maintenance, maintenance. Use varnish brush every year to rake the plate-type egg tray holder, to make the trays and other iron parts; the motor cleans the dust every 3 months; after the cleaning, add the butter in the bearing part; check and tighten the nuts in each rotating part, especially the fan Pulley nut; add butter in the worm gear part of the transfer egg, and drip oil in each rotating part; if the incubator is idle for a long time, it should be energized and fanned for a few hours to keep the incubator dry; regular inspection of the incubator shell inside and outside and bottom, In case of crack gaps or putty shedding should be promptly repaired. Every 1-2 years, if necessary, it needs to be repaired again and brushed with paint. Incubator doors are prone to loose or loose, and should be promptly repaired. If gaps occur, they should be repaired. Reattach the felt strips.

Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

1. Import hydraulic system

2. Memory sponge mattress

3. Electric Longitudinal displacement ≥350mm

4. Tabletop is X-ray available

5. Optional Carbon fiber bed panel


The Hydraulic system adopts imported integrated type components, imported motor and solenoid valve, stable performance.

The Operating Table uses wired mini touch controller.

Pillar base cover all 304 stainless  steel, anticorrosion, easy to clean and durable.

Taiwan stainless steel structure, easy to use, safe and stable.

Accessories are removable. 

The Multi function medical operating table is suitable for comprehensive surgical operations like thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, brain

surgery, eye surgery, ENT, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology surgery, orthopedics surgery and other general purpose.

More Images:


The brief medical operating table without accessories installed on


The whole set Surgical Operation Table with all related Accessories intalled on



Certificates of CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 and CFDA are approved




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Electric Hydraulic Operating Table

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