The ten seasons of adult fish growing season

The ten seasons of adult fish growing season

1, prevent hunger. In the high season of growing fish, the food intake is large. Fish ponds, such as grasses, clams, and tilapia, must be mixed with feedstuffs such as glutinous rice bran, bran, pancake, and bean dregs as well as fresh feed such as young grasses, plant stems and leaves. Under normal circumstances, Japan's crude material accounted for 10% of the total fish. 2, anti-null fat. In the growing season, the amount of fish required for fertilizer should account for 80% of the total amount of fertilization. Every 5-7 days, 60-100 kg of human and animal manure can be fermented by Mushi and 2-3 kg of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer can be applied. 3, waterproof temperature is too high. The suitable temperature of the fish is 23-29 °C. In the high temperature season, the water temperature is too high. The new water must be poured in time. The fish ponds in the water layer of about 1 meter should be filled with 1/10 new water every day. 4, prevent hypoxia. In summer, fish have a large amount of oxygen, combined with the decomposition of large amounts of fertilizers and organic matter, which can easily cause hypoxia. Therefore, aerator equipment should be installed to supplement workers with oxygen. 5, anti-floating head. Because of the hot weather, the air pressure is reduced, which is the "floating head." If the floating head caused by a large amount of feed, oxygenation and injection of new water should be timely. Each acre (1 acre = 667 square meters) with 6 kg of lime, or 2 kg of alum, or 20 kg of salt, dissolved after the spill; fishing net water debris, residual grass, floating foam and so on. 6, anti-"anti-water". Anti-water is also called water disease, which often occurs in sandy ponds with long periods of overcast rain. The main reason is that there are many large zooplankton species such as cockroaches, cladocerans, and copepods in fish ponds, and they ingest large amounts of phytoplankton. The effective method of prevention is to use 90% crystal trichlorfon to sprinkling; combined with artificial fertilization, the pool water becomes fat. 7, water quality aging. Due to the high temperature, the fish grow fast, the water quality is easily changed from slightly alkaline to acidic and aging, which seriously affects the reproduction of natural baits, reduces photosynthesis and inhibits the growth of fish. Every half a month, 20 kg of lime should be used per mu. After dissolution, the whole pool is splashed evenly. 8, prevent disease. The high season of fish growth is also a frequent occurrence of fish diseases, especially the diseases such as enteritis, rotten ribs, and water mold. Apply bleaching powder to the whole pool once a month; add some bleaching powder to the green feed; smash the leeks and garlic, add the appropriate amount to the green feed; and use 10 to 15 kg of lime per acre to sprinkling water. 9, anti-algae poisoning. As the water temperature rises, the algae multiply, and when they reach a certain level, they are easily eaten by the fish and cause death. Therefore, it is necessary to kill the fish with copper sulfate in time. 10, prevent escape. In summer, there are many storms. The fresh water will make the fish extremely active and the pool water level will rise or soar. It is necessary to raise the net rope in time, strengthen management, and discover problems and timely rescue.

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