Production of Seasoned Fish Stew from Freshwater Fish Processing

Production of Seasoned Fish Stew from Freshwater Fish Processing

Freshwater fish flavored dried fish slices are fish processed products made from raw freshwater fish, processed, flavored, baked, and rolled and loosened. It has a simple process, rich nutrition, unique flavor, easy to carry and eat. Here we introduce techniques for making seasoned fish fillets from freshwater fish such as mackerel, squid, grass carp, and bonito:
First, the process of the process of raw fish → three to go (to scale, go head, to the internal organs) → open film → screening → rinsing → drain → seasoning → infiltration → spread → drying → explode (raw dried film) → baking → Rolling → Lazon → Inspection → Weighing → Packaging → Finished product 2. Operation points
1. Choose shaking-free, fresh or frozen fish as raw materials. The physicochemical and safety indicators should comply with the relevant standards, and require that the fish body is complete, with normal odor and color, tight meat, and elasticity.
2, three to go first remove the fish scales, and then cut the head along the pectoral fin with a knife, cut open the abdomen, remove the viscera, wash blood and endometrial (black membrane).
3. Cut the left and right two back muscles with a knife along the spine, not with large spurs and red meat.
4, rinse fish contains blood, especially freshwater fish containing more blood, use repeated cycles of water rinse. Conditional processing plants can rinse clean tap water from the rinsing tank, pour it into fish fillets, and ventilate it with an air compressor to make it drastically tumble and wash blood. The rinsed fish fillets are bright and white and their meat quality is good. Rinsed fish fillets should be drained.
5. Seasoning According to different fish and products, prepare different seasoning liquids. Rinse the drained fish fillets into the seasoning liquid and marinate. Add 100 kilograms of fish fillet and 15 liters of seasoning liquid. Seasoning liquid pickling penetration time is 30 ~ 60 minutes, and often flip, so that the full penetration of the seasoning liquid. Seasoning temperature is about 15 °C.
Seasoning formulation (for reference): 100 parts of water, 78-80 parts of white sugar, 20-25 parts of refined salt, 20-25 parts of cooking wine, 15-20 parts of MSG.
6, the film will be seasoned pickled fish fillets, spread in non-toxic curtain or nylon net. When placed, the distance between the film and the film should be tight, neat and smooth. Fish pieces should be arranged in small pieces and pieces. If splicing is required, the fish fiber texture should be basically similar, so that the fish fillets can be formed flat and beautiful.
7, drying can be used to dry the hot air drying oven when the fish fillet temperature is not higher than 35 °C is appropriate. When it is baked to half, it is to be moved outside the drying tunnel and left for about 2 hours so that the water inside the fish fillet will naturally diffuse outward, and then it will be moved into the drying tunnel and dried to the required requirements.
8, the exposing film will be dried fish from the net to be sashimi.
9. Baking The skin of the sashimi is spread down on the conveyor belt of the roaster and baked for 1 to 2 minutes. The temperature is preferably about 180°C. Spray a proper amount of water on the green sheet before baking to prevent charring.
10. Rolled and baked fish fillets are rolled by a mill to obtain a cooked fillet. Rolling can be done by rolling in the vertical direction (ie, transverse direction) of the fish fiber. Generally, it needs to be pulled twice, so that the fish muscle fiber tissue is loose and the area extension is increased. After the dried seasoned fish slices are drawn, the fish skins are peeled off, and weighing and packing are again performed (7 kg to 8 kg of fresh fish can produce 1 kg of finished products).

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