Harvesting, drying, grading and storage

Harvesting, drying, grading and storage

In order to improve its quality and increase economic income, Tianyingjiao is about to arrive at the harvest season. Now, the technical briefs on harvesting, drying, grading, and storage are introduced straight for your reference. One, harvest. The harvest should be timely, not too early or too late, so as not to affect the quality and grade. Generally, in early October, when the fruits of the plant are basically red and the leaves begin to turn yellow, they can be harvested one after another. Late or late summer transplants may be harvested later, but they must also be harvested before October 20th in order to avoid deterioration due to frost. Dry immediately after harvest. Second, drying. The whole field of pepper shall be harvested, and then dried and dried for 1-2 days. After the leaves are half dry, the head will face southward toward the north root, and will be flattened into a strip or circle of half height. Naturally dry. The early dry season is prone to white dry peppers, and the fresh leaves are susceptible to mildew. Do not stack into large stacks or stack them down one at a time. The code should be inverted about seven days after it is changed. In this way, it is allowed to dry for 15-20 days. When the peppers are 80% dry, that is, when the water content is about 18%, they start picking. To grading while grading, do not mix grades afterwards. This saves labor, saves time, and improves quality. Third, classification. At the same time, the peppers can be divided into two major categories: inward and outward. The standard for exporting peppers within the market is: dark red fruit, no broken, no broken mold, no white green peppers, no spots, etc. (3-3.5 cm long pepper). The rest are foreign goods and can only be sold domestically. For sales convenience, it can be further divided into green dry peppers, pink peppers, and other types of mixed peppers. However, no matter whether it is inside or outside the pepper, it must not be handled. After the grading, continue to dry and sell until the water content drops below 16%. Below 14% is the standard, ie the allowable water content of the export. Fourth, storage. For some reason, dried peppers that have not been sold in time can be stored first. There are several methods as follows: (1) Sealing method: The pepper is fully dried. When the moisture content drops below 14%, it is put into a plastic bag. The bag mouth must be tightly sealed and stored indoors without deterioration; 2 Drying method: Put the dried chili into the woven bag and put it on the indoor shelf (30 cm from the floor). Every 10-15 days, put the hot peppers in the bag and dry it in the hospital. In order to avoid the increase of water content, the quality of storage for one year is always the same; 3 Refrigeration method: in a good place, if there is a cold room (or cold store), it would be better to put the pepper in it, and it can be stored for a long time, and the price will be sell.

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