Extrusion processing technology for fish feed (2)

Extrusion processing technology for fish feed (2)

In the production process, the speed of rotation of the cutter device should be kept constant to keep the length of the pellets consistent and for the same reason, the speed of entering the feed components of the extruder should be consistent. The degree of expansion of the particles is also influenced by the length of the channel of the stamper. This channel length is the thickness of the final opening. The die that allows the maximum degree of puffing should be thin, usually one-eighth of an inch thick; stampers that achieve minimal puffing should have longer channels. This will also help determine whether the product floats or sinks. The total area of ​​all stampers can be adjusted to determine how many products can actually be released. In addition, the size of the individual die opening also affects the total horsepower consumed during extrusion. That is, under a constant die area, a smaller die will have greater resistance to flow, causing greater back pressure and greater energy absorption. This is based on the fact that if only through a larger, smaller number of stamps, the material will have less contact with the die wall. One way for a feed producer to control the extrusion status is to select a die of a specific diameter and channel thickness to provide energy absorption and flow direction types to meet the product it wants to process. The product should be cut into clean-looking granules, which requires an excellent cutter. If multiple cutters, multiple dies, each cutter and each die should maintain a consistent gap. Therefore, the gap between the cutter and the die determines the order of the cut. If the gap is 0.005 to 0.008 inches, the cuts of the particles should be neat. If the gap is greater than 0.008 inches, the sticky part of the product attaches to the particles to form a small tail-like state. If the gap is less than 0.002 inches, excessive frictional drag between the cutter and die can occur. This can be reduced by projecting the die from the surface of the die plate by 0.005 inches. The cutter can then be removed from the die. The distance is 0.002 to 0.005 inches but the distance from the template is 0.007 to 0.10 inches. Taking full advantage of the extrusion data, a feed producer can increase the quality of the feed it wants to produce by judiciously selecting the correct combination of feed pretreatment, extruder operation, cutters and stampers.

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