U.S. Breeding of Low Phytic Acid Maize Hybrids

U.S. Breeding of Low Phytic Acid Maize Hybrids

A few days ago, scientists from the U.S. Bureau of Agricultural Research selected and bred mutant plants of common maize to produce low-yield corn hybrids. After it is made into feed, it can reduce the loss of phosphorus by 25% to 40%. Phytic acid is a form of phosphorus, and poultry and livestock are not easily absorbed and used. As a result, most of the phosphorus in corn feed is lost along with the faeces of animals. A large amount of phosphorus in the water promotes the algal bloom, resulting in consumption of oxygen in the water, which seriously affects the growth of fish and other aquatic microorganisms. Adding enzyme treatment to ordinary corn feed can promote the absorption of phosphorus but increase the cost. Using low phytic acid corn as feed, feeding poultry and livestock can increase its absorption and utilization of phosphorus and reduce the pollution of water.

In the era of relatively backward agricultural civilization, any spread of locusts, armyworms, borers and other pests will take big risk even low-yield crops, while the development of pesticides makes these pests under control, played an important role in the people's production and life and people health . The Birth of pesticide industry, greatly changed human history of completely dependent on the rice. Argo chemical  have widespread in Pesticides, as well as insecticides fungicides, acaricides, herbicides, plant growth regulating agents. The use of pesticides greatly increased agricultural production to ensure that the population growth has brought a lot of material needs, but also take the problem of residues of pesticides. We are committed to the development of efficient, low toxicity and residue pesticide products, the annual export volume exceeds hundreds of tons.
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