Motor vehicle tires purchase points

Motor vehicle tires purchase points

First, choose 1. It is best to use radial tires to purchase tires, because radial tires have more rolling resistance than skew tires, which saves the advantages of less burning half wear, large adhesion, good shock absorption performance, puncture resistance, non-burst, and low tire temperature rise. 2. The number of tire layers is 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and other layer number, the operator should choose different layers of tires according to the locomotive. Generally, the motorcycles with 6.50-16 tires are selected with 10-tier tires, the 7.50-16 motorcycles with 12-tier tires, and the hand-dragging and medium-duty drive wheels with 6-level tires are more suitable. 3. Use the same pattern of tires on the front or rear wheels. 4. When purchasing, it is best to choose the same manufacturer's product. Do not drive the two manufacturers' products on both sides of a tractor to avoid the uneven wear of left and right tires due to the different quality of tire rubber. . Second, see 1. Look at the appearance of the tires for contact with corrosive substances such as oil. 2. Look at the appearance and inner wall of the tire for cracks that are deformed or sharply scratched. 3. See if the manufacturers, models, layers, etc. marked on the outside of the tire are clear. 4. Look at whether the type and brand of the inner tube are consistent with the type and grade of the tire, and whether the inner tube valve is abnormal. 5. See if the surface of the inner wall of the tire is smooth. 3. Touch the inner and outer walls of the tire with hand along the circumference of the tire and check whether the tire cords on the sidewalls are evenly arranged, whether the cable heads and wires are exposed, and whether the tires have obvious irregularities. Fourth, after loading the tires to buy, it is best to install the inflatable, tires, put down the jack after loading, this time the tire is under pressure, should carefully check the tire after the tire side has no protruding bumps and cracks and other abnormal conditions, if any Replace it in time.

Name: charmingly slender massage cream

Brand: curvaceous manifesto

Place of origin: Guangdong,Guangzhou

Capacity: 250g/350g/450g/

Price/CNY: 180 /250 /320

Packing: 72/60/48/ctn

Main Ingredients: Almond oil, castor oil, aloe vera oil, jojoba oil, squalane, vitamin E, grape extract, glycerol, xanthan gum, ivy, hyaluronic acid

Specifications :

It can quickly burn redundant fat,reshape slim figure,decompose stubborn gathered fat,consolidate slimming effect,avoid rebound,tighten flabby muscle,prevent arm muscle drop,with long term safety,fast slimming,free from cellulite and achieve perfect slimming effect.

Reduce the extra fat and flabby meat in abdomen, making the abdomen more smooth, more tightly, full of elasticity.

Direction: Apply a appropriate amount on the skin evenly and massage. Use three times a day.


1. waist obesity over the age of 18,and women after childbirth urgently need to recover shape

2. works long time sitting in the office

Recommend the use parts of body: legs, arms

Best using time: bathing , before changing clothes, after exercise

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