High-quality and high-efficiency new breed Xingzhou redfish breeding technology

High-quality and high-efficiency new breed Xingzhou redfish breeding technology

First, the biological characteristics of Sin Cheung redfish: Sin Chau redfish is a type of freshwater fish farming species. The Liangmaqiang engineer from the famous Xiancun aquaculture farm in Guangzhou introduced the farming of our province from Singapore and succeeded in the success of artificial breeding one after another. The red chromis of Hong Chau is full-body red, with pink, orange, pink and golden yellow, and no dark spots or dark spots. The body size is similar to that of A. tilapia, with a small head, a body thickness, and large individuals. Xingzhou redfish is a complex food, low temperature resistance, and its meat is fresh and smooth. It is very suitable for Cantonese tastes and is popular with consumers. Because of its good quality, the fish has obvious advantages in cultivation and is soon accepted by farmers. It is a new breed of aquaculture that is worthy of development. Second, the culture technology of Sin Chau Redfish: Hong Chau is a species of inter-species hybrids, the growth rate is more than 30% faster than normal tilapia, the general winter seedlings up to 0.5 kg of commercial fish specifications after 3-4 months In most areas of our province, we can use the year-old breeding and breeding to the end of the year to reach the market specification. Xingzhou redfish aquaculture technology mainly includes pond culture and net pond culture, and it can also be used for mariculture. The fish culture in Xingzhou Redfish pond is mainly monoculture, the pond size is not limited, the water depth is 1.5-2.0 meters, and the water source is sufficient. Liquor or tea bran is strictly sterilized before stocking. The stocking density is flexibly controlled according to the pond water depth and oxygenation ability. The general stocking rate is 1500-2500 per acre. There are 150 mixed fish and 200 fishes. The carnivorous fish, such as raw fish, and a few local beard maggots, the key to the breeding technology of the Red Sea fish is to stock all the male species. Over-breeding, affecting the growth rate, daily management of pond culture is very important. Feeding insists on the principle of “Four Sets,” and the red snapper of Sin Chau eats slowly. It can appropriately extend the feeding time, stick to the morning and evening patrol, pay attention to the situation of floating head, and take timely measures. To avoid hypoxia pan-lethal death, disease prevention should be mainly prevention, often adding new water, regular disinfection of fish ponds to prevent the occurrence of diseases. The cage culture of Sinchuan redfish is characterized by large stocking density, convenient management, rapid growth, easy capture, high yield, and good efficiency. It can generally be cultured in lakes, reservoirs, and slow-flowing rivers. Net cages include net clothes, Frames, floats, sinkers, anchor stones, anchor ropes, etc., height 2.0-4.0 meters, size varies, the mesh is determined by the stocking specifications, the arrangement of cages to ensure that the water body can be fully exchanged and facilitate feeding, disinfection, The management of the flushing operation is convenient, and the placing density is determined by the output target. In general, the cage-cultured sinola redfish can reach more than 150 kg per cubic meter of water. Care should be taken to control the feeding and stocking density of the bait in the cage culture management, and to clean the net in time. Box dirt. According to market research, the benefits of the red squid culture of Sin Cheung have far exceeded that of other freshwater species such as Osmanthus fragrans, Long Kiss, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, etc., and the investment is small, and the risk is not great. In the current downturn of the aquaculture market, the breeding of sinola redfish will become the first choice for breeding professionals.

Step one: add 1 to 5 of the background material in a bag of water (more soup is better), and increase or decrease the amount of water according to the individual taste.

Step 2: After boiling, you can add various dishes, according to your preferences.

Step 3: After the hot pot is boiled, you can begin to enjoy delicious food.

Nutritional value: A reasonable combination of meat and vegetables can provide a wealth of protein, vitamins, carotene, reduce fat and cholesterol absorption, protect the gastrointestinal health.

Applicable people: Office workers, computer families, smoking families, all ages.

Edible Mushrooms: Meat is first tasted fresh, seafood and vegetables are in the middle.

          Food is hard to distinguish between cooked and cooked, keeping it open

          With the soup with the taste more fresh, water hair sandwiched between thin slices.

          The red soup is spicy and fresh, and it stimulates sweat.

          Hurricane dehumidifiers prevent colds, and family and friends gather together to celebrate family happiness.

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