Sunfish: Large freshwater profit margins

Sunfish: Large freshwater profit margins

The name of the sunfish, Leponus macrohirusrafinesqus, also known as the blue-green scalefish, is native to North America and is a new breed of freshwater culture that has been introduced and cultivated successfully in recent years in China. It is a medium and small-sized fish with a suitable temperature range of 3°C to 38°C. It naturally overwinters in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It has wide adaptability, mixed diet, high population yield, and natural reproduction. It feeds primarily on zooplankton and aquatic insects. It also eats aquatic plants, small trash fish, and small molluscs. It feeds artificial pellets when ponds are cultured, making it easier to farm. The fish is delicious and nutritious. According to the analysis, it contains 18.8% crude protein, 1.15% crude fat, and 17.68% of the 17 amino acids in dry matter, and is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and other Trace elements, which are nourishing foods for aquatic products, are popular with consumers. At present, the fish is expensive and rare in the market, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, the market price of up to 50 yuan per kilogram, the price is still in short supply, breeding efficiency is obvious, the market prospects are broad. It is reported that two farmers in Xingtan Town, Shunde City, Guangdong Province, used ponds to raise sunfish last year, and reared 6000 to 3 centimeters to 4 centimeters of fish per acre. The final yield per mu reached 500 kg to 600 kg. Calculated at 36 yuan per kg in the market last year, the net profit per mu was up to 18,000 yuan.

The sunfish are farmed in a variety of ways. In addition to being cultured in ponds, reservoirs, lakes, etc. can be cultured, as well as paddy field farming and cage culture. This is an attractive new breeding breed. The economic benefits of farming sunfish are considerable. If managed well, the mu can exceed 10,000 yuan.

The Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Freshwater Fisheries and the Jinshan Fish Breeding Farm in Huzhou City have introduced the fish into the city, and have successfully cultivated more than 100,000 species of summer fishes with more than 3cm in diameter.

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