What food do you eat with white hair?

What food do you eat with white hair?

Medical research and related experiments have found that the content of copper in the hair of the black hair is significantly higher than that of the white hair. The occurrence of early-onset white hair such as “less white head” is related to copper deficiency in the body. This is because copper plays an important role in the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, early-born white hair people should eat more foods containing more copper. Copper-rich foods mainly include nuts (such as seeds, walnuts, etc.), cereals, poultry, and some vegetables and fruits.

The content of copper in food is highest in oysters, and the liver in seafood such as fish, shrimp and animals also contains more copper. Scholars in the survey found that people who regularly eat seafood have generally no copper in their bodies.

In addition, experts suggest that should eat more blood nourishing kidney foods to UFA hair, such as black sesame seeds, black beans, black dates, black fungus and so on. The lack of vitamin B is another important factor that contributes to “less whiteheads” and should increase the intake of these foods. Foods containing more vitamin B are cereals, beans, dried fruits, liver, heart, kidneys and milk of animals. , eggs and green leafy vegetables.

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