Artificial nursing lamb to "five"

Artificial nursing lamb to "five"

Artificial milk for lambs can be used for goat milk, milk, skimmed milk powder or milk replacer. When feeding, pay attention to the following issues.

Regularly arrange breastfeeding time. Lambs within one month of age are fed once every three hours; four times a month from one month to two months of age; three times a day from two months to three months of age; and one day after three months of age ~2 times. As the age of the month increases, the number of feedings is gradually reduced, and the amount of each feeding is appropriately increased.

Quantitative feeding is based on the nutritional needs of the lamb. Overfeeding can cause indigestion and even diarrhea. Too little nutrition can affect the growth and development of lambs. At the beginning, each lamb is fed with about 250 grams each time, which can be increased or decreased according to the individual, exercise capacity and age. In general, every day and night, the amount of breastfeeding should not be less than 16% of body weight.

The milk temperature at artificial breast feeding should be close to or slightly higher than the body temperature of the ewes, ie 38 °C ~ 42 °C.

The milk that is used to feed lambs must be fresh and clean, and fresh milk that has just been squeezed out is the best. Warming and stirring should be performed before the milk is stored at a low temperature so that the milk can be mixed evenly.

Regular disinfection In order to prevent the occurrence of disease, the utensils should be rinsed with clean water after each feeding, and then it should be disinfected with boiling alkaline water once every two days.

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