What are the custom parameters of the tension spring?

What are the custom parameters of the tension spring?

What are the custom parameters of the tension spring?

A tension spring (also called a tension spring, referred to as a tension spring) is a coil spring that receives an axial tensile force, and the tension spring is generally made of a circular section material. When the load is not subjected to the load, the ring and the ring of the tension spring are generally tight and have no gap.

Stretch springs, also known as spiral tension springs, are generally pitched and have a circular cross section. They can be used in many applications, such as production assembly, experimentation, development, and maintenance. The tension spring plays an important role in the global market and is widely used in national defense, ocean, computer, electronics, automobile, mold, medicine, biochemistry, aerospace, railway, nuclear power, wind power, thermal power, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, Elevator and other fields.

Stretching spring necessary information:

(1) Free length: (a) total length, (b) full length, and (c) length from the hook.

(2) Control diameter: (a) outer diameter, (b) inner diameter, and (c) inner diameter of the casing.

(3) Wire size "wire diameter".

(4) Materials (type, grade).

(5) Number of turns: (a) total number of turns and (b) right-handed or left-handed.

(6) The form of the end.

(7) The load inside the hook.

(8) Load rate, deflection, and pounds per inch.

(9) *** Large stretch length.

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