Non-pollution vegetable simple pest control technology

Non-pollution vegetable simple pest control technology

There are two kinds of pest control methods for pollution-free vegetables:
The first is the method of insecticide.
(1) Soil application: Use 30 to 40 kg of plant ash per acre, preferably in a planting ditch, and then cover or soil after planting or planting to prevent root pests.
(2) Direct application: After the ground ash is ground, it is sprinkled on the pests in the morning when the dew is not dry, and 1 to 2 kg of ash per acre.
(3) Spraying ash: Soak 3 kg of turf with 10 kg of water for 3 days. Spray the ash after filter residue, and spray 50 kg per mu.
The second is the tobacco pest control law. Grab the grass and water in a ratio of 1:40. The tobacco leaves are shredded and then soaked in boiling water and covered. After the water temperature drops to about 20 degrees Celsius, the soaked tobacco leaves are rubbed until no more concentrated juice is available. Tobacco leaves, put into another pot of water continue to rub 40 times after the filter residue to remove tobacco leaves, will be mixed with all the smoke, used for field pest control, spraying volume per acre of about 50 kilograms.

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