Suitable temperature for meat duck

Suitable temperature for meat duck

When the temperature is appropriate, the ducklings consume less body heat, grow faster, and have a higher survival rate. The ambient temperature at 1 to 3 days of age should be 31 to 33°C, 4 to 6 days 28 to 36°C, 7 to 10 days 24 to 26°C, and 11 to 13 days 20 to 22°C. The temperature is gradually reduced, and the temperature does not change by more than 2°C per day.

Under different climatic conditions, the warming or cooling should be based on the performance of the ducklings. It is necessary to try to meet the ducklings' response to the optimal temperature requirements. When the temperature is too low, the ducklings are afraid of the cold and get together near the heat source to warm up each other. Respiratory diseases are prone to crushing or suffocating death, and the growth rate may also be affected. When the temperature is too high, the ducklings stay away from heat, open their mouths, increase their drinking capacity, reduce their appetite, affect normal metabolism, and reduce their resistance to disease. When the temperature is normal, the ducklings are full of spirit, lively, with good appetite, moderate drinking water, light hair, uniform distribution, silent lying, eating, drinking, and excretion normal.

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