Spring Fruit Tree Tips

Spring Fruit Tree Tips

1. Timely planting: Planting fruit trees in the spring should generally be performed after the soil is thawed and before sprouting. However, persimmon trees and jujube trees generally have better planting effects when the seedlings begin to sprout.
2. Select high-quality seedlings: Good varieties are the guarantee of high quality and high yield. Choose high-quality nursery stocks that are free from pests and diseases, robust growth, well-developed root systems, and short and thick internodes.
3. Seedling refurbishment: carefully select seedlings before planting, remove hybrid seedlings, defective seedlings, dead dead seedlings, and cut off the necrotic roots, root damage and long roots, rot roots cut to white so far, even a good root should be slightly cut Part of it is mainly to control the diseased roots and stimulate new roots to germinate. Weak or improperly positioned shoots must also be cut to reduce water loss and prevent the death of seedlings due to excessive transpiration.
4. Root treatment before planting: optional conditions are available. 1 Soak water. Before planting, the roots of the seedlings should be placed in clean water and soaked for 6 to 12 hours so that the roots can absorb enough water to increase the water content of the seedlings and enhance the drought resistance. 2 root powder processing. Digging roots with rooting powder No. 3 50 to 100 mg kg solution can effectively increase the survival rate of seedlings. 3 pharmacy dip root. Before transplanting, soaking the roots of the seedlings with 0.5% aspirin for 6 to 8 hours, and then transplanting, can shorten the period of seedlings after transplanting, enhance the drought resistance of the seedlings, and increase the survival rate.
5. Excavate large holes and apply sufficient root fertilizer: 7 to 15 days before planting, on the basis of a good foundation, determine the density according to the varieties of cultivated seedlings, and then dig the planting holes that are 80 to 100 cm long, wide, and deep. Cave soil fertilizer 75 kg, superphosphate 5 kg. The fertilizer should be mixed well with the soil and should not be in direct contact with the root mass.
6. Watering in time: Immediately after the seedlings are planted, the tree trays are irrigated. When infiltrating the water, the surface of the tree plate is covered with a layer of fine soil to prevent evaporation of surface moisture.
7. Scientifically dry: After planting the seedlings, according to the height of the seedlings, short cuts are made at full shoots of 50-60 cm, and then apply bio-oil or paint to the wounds to prevent draining.
8. Covering the plastic film on the tree tray: Cover about 1 square meter of plastic film around the trunk.

Date tree are mainly planted in ningxa, shanxi, gansu etc provinces of northwest China. D

ate flower honey is produced in the mountainous region of China from June to July. It has a amber colour depending on the place where the hives are located. It has a very pleasant and strong taste and intense fragrance. This honey is rich in mineral salts. 

Date flower honey is rich in fructose, vitamins C and mieral substance(Iron and copper). 

The date flower blooming time is depend on the various kinds of date trees. Usually the blooming time is during June and July, 25-30 days. 

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