How to control the late lodging of rice throwing plant

How to control the late lodging of rice throwing plant

Rice floppy seedlings have the advantages of cost, early maturity, and high yield, but due to the shallow roots of the cast roots, they often cause lodging in the middle and late stages, affecting yield and quality. According to this feature, Effective measures should be taken to prevent late lodging.
1. It is necessary to properly control seedling water when cultivating dwarf seedlings, effectively control the cultivars, and spray paclobutrazol at the time of the two leaves to promote the underdevelopment of the dwarf root system on the ground to increase the stress resistance.
2. When properly planting and transplanting, it is required that the height difference between fields in Daejeon should not exceed 3 cm, and the water surface on the surface should be kept dry. This means that the “hot water” field is thrown away, the mud sinking is conducive to deep planting, and the sunny days are thrown away— 3 days without water supply, after the seedlings remain into the water layer, long-term strong wet irrigation, prompting roots under the bar.
3. Potassium Fertilizer Under the conditions of reasonable application of nitrogen and phosphorus, base fertilizer should be applied with potassium chloride 10 kg/mu at one time, which has a positive effect on promoting robust growth and resistance to root infestation. At the same time, it also has a certain effect on increasing large heavy ear and grain weight. Effect.
4, timely field throwing hoe to strictly control the time and degree of drying field, generally when the number of field stems panicles reach the expected total number of panicles should be allowed to dry naturally, and clean up the three ditch, the degree of drying can be Determine the severity of the seedlings until the soil remains moist and not soft before maturity, which is beneficial to prevent the lodging of the wax ripening period, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to prevention and control of late-stage pests and diseases.
5, selected varieties generally suitable for throwing plant varieties are II You series, Gangyou series, You excellent series.

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