Shrimp cash back at the end of the year, the Pearl River Delta in western Guangdong is very different

Shrimp cash back at the end of the year, the Pearl River Delta in western Guangdong is very different

The Pearl River Delta has been the best in the past five years. Guangdong West has received less than 10 percentage points less than the same period last year.

The western Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta are the most important heavyweights of shrimp farming in Guangdong. The yields of the two regions are equally divided, and their status is equal. The shrimp production in the two regions accounted for more than 90% of the total shrimp production in Guangdong. Near the end of the year, when it comes to the annual receipt of shrimp, compared with the situation in this year's two regions, the distribution situation of dealers is very different. The survival rate of shrimp is relatively high in the Pearl River Delta region, and shrimp prices are high, dealers receive money. The situation is good, but the western part of Guangdong is caught in the dilemma of “collecting money difficult”.

Shrimp disease was rampant in 2010 and Yuexi was one of the hardest-hit areas. In the most serious Zhanjiang Suixi and Wuchuan areas, the incidence of shrimp is higher than 90%, and the drainage rate is as high as 80%. In the second half of the year, the shrimp disease in the western part of Guangdong did not slow down. “The survival rate of China-made shrimp is only 10%. The survival rate of late-season shrimp is even lower. There is basically no success in the success of the pond.” Lu Yongxing, a distributor of shrimp in Suidou Town, said that this year's disease directly led to the collection of feed that he had been unable to collect.

Lu Xiaoxing introduced that this year's collections most made him a headache. “The customer did not have a successful aquaculture all year round. How can he still have money?” By December 26th, he had only recovered 50% of the money. Zhanjiang, a marketing manager of shrimp feed mills, told the Southern Rural Daily reporter on the phone. At the end of the year, the feed collection in the western part of Guangdong was very unsatisfactory. As of December 26, only 73% was recovered. Compared with the same period of last year, it dropped by more than 10 percentage points.

Compared with the difficult recovery situation in the western part of the country, the collection of shrimps in the Pearl River Delta region has been on the rise. According to Lin Huiquan, a distributor of Jiangmen Xinhui shrimp, the survival rate of shrimp culture in the Pearl River Delta in the early and middle stages of 2010 has generally reached around 60%. The price of shrimp has been good, and many farmers have earned money. Lin Yinquan has recovered nearly 70% of the feed money. Jiangmen's manager of a pair of shrimp feed mills stated that at present, their company's feed collection rate in the Pearl River Delta region has exceeded 90%, and it is expected that the money collection task can be completed by the end of January 2011, and about 80% of the sales staff can receive a full sales bonus. A certain aquatic product feed sales manager in Zhuhai also proposed that this year’s shrimp recycling situation in the Pearl River Delta is the best year in the past five years. “The farmers in the Pearl River Delta in 2010 have money on hand, and if they do not receive any feed You don’t need to sell shrimp anymore.”

As a distributor, a large part of the feed money collected each year must be delivered to the feed mill to settle the purchase price, which is difficult to collect and the payment can only be made in other ways. Lu Zhaoxing’s payment to the feed mill this year can only be financed by himself. He does not have many channels for fundraising, no real estate or other collateral, and no money from the bank. Lu Haoxing intends to seek help from private lending, with a monthly interest rate of 3 points. "There is no way to raise interest rates. I will say it before the end of this year."

Lin also found private lending, because most of the customers will be part of the funds for the breeding of winter shed shrimp, arrears of the feed money need to wait until the Spring Festival to sell shrimp after the sale of shrimp ponds. He thinks that although the interest on private lending is high, the time for borrowing only lasts for more than one month. When the Spring Festival arrives, customers can receive feed money and repay loans after they sell shrimp, but only earn less. But Zhan Chen, a shrimp distributor in Guandu Town, Zhanjiang District, has more than RMB 1 million not recovered this year. He intends to classify the customers who are on hand next year, and to keep the farmers with good breeding techniques and good pond conditions. As for other Customers have to control the funds. "If you want to do less, you have to be more stable."

It is understood that in the past, the feed factories and distributors in the Pearl River Delta region were all better than Yuexi. This is mainly because the proportion of feedstuff sales between feed mills and distributors in the PRD region is relatively small, and the success rate of shrimp culture in the PRD region is also relatively high. It is understood that the high-level pool intensive culture model in the western part of Guangdong Province has a high risk of breeding density, while the Pearl River Delta region is mostly a soil pond with a small breeding density. Many ponds are mainly fish-shrimp polyculture and have a high breeding success rate.

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