How to improve food safety production technology?

How to improve food safety production technology?

The "Kingmen" incident that has made a lot of noises has just come to an end, but the truth that is left to the people is "The eggs that the flies do not smash". Throughout the "OMP incident," "reduction milk," "melamine milk powder," and "baby sex." "Precocious" and other incidents, will increase the wounds of food safety in China! What is the result? The people’s confidence in food safety was greatly reduced, and Chinese food companies were damaged. Foreign-funded enterprises took advantage of the opportunity to transfer the domestic market to foreign brands. Take milk powder as an example. According to statistics, before the “melamine incident,” the share of foreign milk powder in the domestic market was 20%. After the “melamine incident,” the market share of foreign milk powder was as high as 58%.

However, each crisis can bring about a new food safety standard. Whenever a food safety crisis occurs, the government will always introduce a market supervision and punishment system for the food industry; at the same time, it will lose the people’s heart and lose consumers. When its own brand was pushed to the cliffs, “three strains” and “three deers” were just stepping stones for food safety incidents. They only worked hard on food quality, allowing citizens to eat safe and safe food at the same time, and at the same time The construction and system improvement of business ethics and business norms can find opportunities for development in the crisis.

Therefore, in a sense, the innovation of food safety technology is a good prescription for healing "stunners". So what are the details of food safety innovation? Mr. Zhou Li, a food expert, believes that “from the entry of food raw materials into finished products, every production process can be controlled safely and healthily, and provide powerful technologies for preventing uncontrollable safety weak points in the production process. The point of support for safety equipment is innovation."

According to Mr. Jin Dahai, the manager of Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development of food sterilization technology and equipment manufacturing, at present, unsafe factors in food processing are as follows: 1. Inappropriate or excessive use of chemical colors and chemical additives; The logo and instructions of the food packaging bag are not standardized; third, the total number of food and physical and chemical indicators of the bacteria exceed the standard. The first two are preventable and controllable, and the last one is preventable and uncontrollable, mainly due to the traditional ozone, ultraviolet and chemical spray sterilization methods, which are static sterilization technology can not continue to sterilize under dynamic conditions: 1, with ultraviolet light, chemical Pharmacy or ozone sterilization of the workshop is hazardous to human health. Therefore, when the workers operate, they should stop using them. Thus, continuous dynamic sterilization in the human condition cannot be achieved, resulting in interruption of disinfection. 2, in the absence of any disinfection facilities, the rapid proliferation of bacteria and human body bacteria (metabolism), making the air environment has accumulated a lot of pollutants, food safety is not effectively guaranteed.

The so-called "dynamic disinfection" refers to the human-machine field operations such a disinfection method. People do not need to leave the disinfecting place when disinfecting the air, and there is no any side effect. This kind of disinfection method is called “dynamic disinfection”. Because it is a successful practice of human beings to defeat natural organisms through science and technology, it is also called "NICOLER sterilization technology."

It is reported that Shanghai Kangjiu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the launch of "Dynamic Food Air Sterilizer" - this is the first real-world dynamic disinfection technology for food companies. Using the latest NICOLER three-level bidirectional plasma electrostatic field working principle, the disinfection process is: the high-voltage direct current pulse causes the plasma electrostatic field to produce the reverse electricity effect and generate a large amount of plasma. Under the action of the negative pressure fan, the negatively charged bacteria are destroyed when the contaminated air passes through the plasma electrostatic field, and the controlled environment is maintained at the “sterile and dust-free” standard. Since the person can work in the workshop at the same time when the workshop is sterilized, the sterilizer is called "NICOLER Dynamic Food Disinfection Machine". The machine is an advanced disinfection equipment that does not harm the human body and is mainly used for synchronous dynamic sterilization in the case of work. In recent years, this equipment is also widely used for packaging, cooling and irrigation of large-scale food companies. Loading links.

Who can not be afraid of "slamming"? The most effective way is to use the latest food dynamic disinfection technology to improve the quality of food hygiene, so that "fly can be found seamlessly" is responsible to the company and responsible to the people. The food safety farces such as "Kanmen", "OMP incidents," "reduction milk," "melamine milk powder," and "baby precocious puberty" are no longer repeated, and the market is still clear!

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