How to scientifically apply Mo fertilizer

How to scientifically apply Mo fertilizer

An effective molybdenum content of less than 0.1 mg/kg in soil is the critical value of molybdenum deficiency.

Molybdenum fertilizer is the earliest trace element fertilizer in China. It is widely used in leguminous crops (soybeans, peanuts), legume green manure crops, cruciferous crops, and sugar beets. It has a good effect on promoting nodules production in legumes and improving nitrogen fixation.

The commonly used molybdenum fertilizers are ammonium molybdate and sodium molybdate. The most commonly used is ammonium molybdate, which is mainly used for foliar spraying. First, a small amount of warm water is used to dissolve ammonium molybdate, and then cold water is used to meet the required concentration. Generally used Concentration of 0.02% to 0.05%, 50-70 kg of solution per acre, continuous spraying 2-3 times. O.05%~0.1% ammonium molybdate solution can also be soaked for 12 hours. The combination of seed treatment and foliar spray can save fertilizer.

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