The artificial feeding of pigeons is stronger than that of the pigeons

The artificial feeding of pigeons is stronger than that of the pigeons

Pigeons belong to late birds. The pigeons from birth to the age of 10 days are almost all depended on the pro pigeons. Generally around 20 days of age, the pigeons can only feed themselves some easily digestible feed. The amount of parent pigeon milk secreted and the difference in the individual feeding amount of pigeons often results in uneven growth of the pigeons raised by the pro pigeons, and the feed utilization rate is not high. In addition, during the feeding of the pigeons, the production of the pro pigeons was reduced and the laying cycle was extended. Therefore, in the case of natural production, the breeding rate of the pro pigeons is greatly affected by the length of their feeding period. In general, the longer the feeding time, the fewer the number of nests per year for the pro pigeons. For example, the use of artificial feeding techniques for the juveniles of the appropriate age not only improves their utilization of the feed and the growth rate of the pigeons, but also improves the uniformity of the pigeons and improves the quality of the listed pigeons. In addition, it can also reduce the feeding burden of the relatives of the relatives and give them the opportunity to recuperate and advance into the next laying period, thus shortening the interval between the production of the relatives.

Specific artificial feeding methods are: 35% of rice, 23% of rice, 15% of wheat, 10% of peas, 12% of soybean meal, and 5% of sesame are mixed into a powdered material, and then 2% of yeast powder, 0.4% of multidimensional elements, and a small amount are added. Trace elements, to provide health sand. First soak the prepared feed with boiling water for 4-5 minutes. After aging, add the appropriate amount of cold water and mix well. The adjusted feed should have a certain temperature, and it should be slightly warm to the touch, so that the feed water ratio of the feed material should be 1 at the end. : Between 5-1:3.5 to ensure that the pigeons do not diarrhea and do not accumulate food. At 8 o'clock in the morning, 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and 7 o'clock in the evening, 3 times a day with a syringe, the amount of daily feeding per pigeon is 60-80 grams. Each feeding amount accounts for the total amount of the total daily feeding. 3/8, 2/8, 3/8 can be.

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