Combustible gas alarm purchase small knowledge

Combustible gas alarm purchase small knowledge

1 According to the type of gas used for purchase, gas leak alarms are generally not general-purpose, natural gas alarms are used for natural gas, artificial gas alarms should be used for artificial gas, and liquefied petroleum gas alarms should be used for liquefied petroleum gas. General purpose combustible gas detection alarm for liquefied petroleum gas calibration (Note: Gas alarms with different local gas components and local gas components for calibration and detection).

2 The purchase of gas leak alarms should select the products of enterprises with good market reputation, and conduct a survey before the purchase, because on the one hand, the alarm products on the market are mixed, users will not know much about this product; It is a long-term product. It does not show the performance and quality when there is no gas leakage. Therefore, its long-term stability is very high. At present, the product standards of gas leakage alarms are insufficient in assessing their long-term stability performance. Therefore, the research and quality control of the products by the production company is very important for the performance quality of the products. You can also learn about the use of the product from the users who use it for a long time and the test results of the gas alarms in use by the product inspection unit for reference.

3 The use of gas leak alarms should pay attention to the long-term stability and service life of the alarm. The alarms, especially their sensors, have a long life and should be known to the seller and the manufacturer when purchasing. At the same time, due to the safety of gas leak alarms used in public places.

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