Simple processing of dog skin

Simple processing of dog skin

1. First, remove the meat and greasy goods, feces, dirt, and blood from the dog's skin. Place it on a wooden board and grind it with a coarse emery cloth or brick until the root of the hair is slightly visible.

2, then use 5000 grams of Ming Gong 500 ml, boiled into the basin, to be cooled, the dog skin completely immersed.

3, after about 24 hours to remove, hair down on a wooden board to open taut, nailed with a nail.

4, the 50 °C skin nitrate water (skin 250 grams, 250 milliliters of water, 150 milliliters of water left after boiling Serve) repeatedly, evenly coated on the fabric board. After a little dry, the dog's skin will blister. If there is no blistering in individual areas, apply it again until blistering.

5. After the dog's skin is dried, carefully polish it with a fine emery cloth. At this point, the dog's skin is grasped into a group by hand, and it should be able to open slowly after being released. Salting or freezing can also be used.

Huller & Others


The huller machine is used to remove shell or husks from grain, seed, rice, coffee bean, which is necessary steps for further processing.


We have varies models of huller machine.

The Grain Huller is our popular type huller machine, it can be used for millet, maize, wheat, barley, oats, beans etc.

It can process different products by adjusting sand wheel and sieve size.

Its working principle is that, by friction of sand wheel with sieves, to remove husks from grain, and the husks and grain will be separately totally by air flow.

There is control handle to control narrow of hulling chamber , to adjust hulling results easily.



The Coffee Pulper is used for fresh coffee beans. It is used to remove fresh shell from coffee beans. It is manual type, capacity 40-60kg/h.


The Rice Huller With Polisher machine is specially used for rice, it can remove husks from paddy, at the same time , polish rice to be whitener.


We also have Vegetable Seed Cleaner and Seed Grading Machine.

The Vegetable Seed Cleaner is often used for processing vegetable seed or grass seed, it has compact structure with air aspiration system and vibration system, suitable to remove dust, light impurities, large and small impurities from good grain or seed.


The Seed Grading Machine is for sizing and grading of different kind of grain and seed. It can be used for varies kind of seed, grain, beans by changing different sieves.  

Huller And Others

Grain Seed Huller,Automatic Grain Huller,Wheat Rice Grain Huller,Rice Grain Huller