Common faults and remedies for trailer brake systems

Common faults and remedies for trailer brake systems

1, the distribution valve piston leakage

The fault phenomenon is that when the brake pedal is depressed, a large amount of compressed air leaks from the trailer control valve, and the compressed air in the air cylinder of the trailer leaks out quickly, losing the braking effect.

Remedy: Disassemble the valve and inspect it. Replace it if worn or broken.

2, trailer braking is not working

The reason for the fault is that the pressure adjusting screw of the trailer control valve is loosened too much, the pressure of the air trap of the trailer is too low, or the pipeline is blocked or leaking.

Remedy: First, check whether the compressed air pressure of the trailer's air reservoir complies with the standard. Then, check whether the pipelines are clogged or leaked. If any, remove the air.

3, trailer brake bite

The main reason is that the control valve adjustment screw of the trailer has been tightened too tightly and the pressure in the air reservoir of the trailer has become too high. If excessive use of gas equipment such as brakes, air horns, and pneumatic wipers is used in the main vehicle, compressed air is difficult to immediately make up. Caused by the host car can not brake, the trailer brake died, so that the trailer tires are seriously worn out and quickly scrapped. In this case, correct adjustments should be made promptly. In addition, if the intake valve of the distribution valve leaks, even if the main vehicle does not brake, the trailer will spontaneously brake and bite. Check the replacement valve of the distribution valve in time.

4, trailer braking effect is slow

If the trailer braking action time is too late, the braking distance will be extended. Therefore, the trailer control valve and the distribution valve must be adjusted in time to clear the blocked pipeline.

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