Procedural steps provided by Beijing Rabbit Science and Technology Service Center

Procedural steps provided by Beijing Rabbit Science and Technology Service Center

1. The newly born female rabbits were injected with 0.4 ml of dimecrolace within 24 hours to prevent maternal mastitis and yellow urine in pups.

2. The pups were injected with E. coli 1ml at 20 days of age to prevent diarrhea in the rabbits.

3. 30-day-old pups injected with the enemy ball recoil and enemy insects recrudescence to prevent coccidiosis.

4. Thirty-four-day-old rabbits were injected with triple temperature vaccine to prevent rabbit temperature.

5. Female rabbits are separated, fed, and fed different materials at different ages. That is, rabbit feed (1-45 days old), young rabbit feed (45-90 days old), and rabbit feed (over 990 days) rabbit feed. In addition to strictly controlling the quality of grass powder, these four kinds of materials are all added with 1% of rabbits' special premix for the best results. The survival rate of rabbits can reach more than 95%, and the qualified rate of commercial rabbit fur is more than 90%. This product is equivalent to 4 times the benefit of other rabbit premixes.

6.Usually, you can use the diuretics, enemy nose recoil, enemy bacteria recoil, prevention of good worms, rhinitis, resistance to the invasion of bacteria, breed a healthy rabbit population, achieve an ideal survival rate, and create the highest economy benefit.

(The Center has a series of new and special drugs for rabbits and various vaccines and five enemy recoils. The price is lowest in the country and mail-order agency is available for them.)

Product name unit specifications

Retail price (yuan)

Wholesale price (yuan) Origin Reminder nipple drinker set full copper mouth, iron piece 1.200.80 Beijing 2000 sets of above 0.65 yuan Duckbill drinking fountain set full copper mouthpiece, stainless steel piece 1.500.90 Beijing 1000 sets over 0.7 yuan, with Three-way (including postage) food box only tin metal system 1.901.60 Beijing 500 more than 1.3 yuan / only (including postage) bunny box only 1.601.40 Beijing 500 more than 1.45 yuan / (including postage) Breeder White Large tablet 16 More than 10 pieces of postal mail (including postage) Breeder Blue Scorpion piece 19.5 More than 10 pieces of postal (including postage) expert rabbit disease epidemic prevention CD sleeve 2018 "Raccoon high-effective breeding technology" set of 76.5 10 copies of the post (including postage) "Rex Rabbit Breeding Technology Manual" 32.5 10 This post (including postage) Institute of Feed Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Production of rabbit series Premix Use of this high-tech new product, the survival rate of rabbits can reach 95% or more 1 kg can be similar Products 4 pounds Beijing Municipal Nutrition Research Institute Feed Technology Development Co., Ltd. Produced Series Rabbit Premixes Use This Product Rabbits Live Rate Up to 90% Five Enemy Recoils "New Special Long-acting Rabbit Drugs" Lowest Price, Best Quality Rabbit cage series 6-16 cages for young rabbits Are, prices are lower than market price

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Goji Berry is taken as one of the most famous plants, which can be both for medical and eating use. The history of goji berry up-picking and for eating use has a long history of 4000years in China. People from different social hierarchies, from the emperor to ordinary people, take goji berry as a good component of medical prescriptions. Goji berry enjoys a great popularity from ancient to modern times, at home and abroad and it has a long lasting and profound life preservation culture.

Ningxia Goji Berry enjoys a great fame around the global due to its high quality standard; meanwhile, it is the only protected product of geographical identity in China, goji berry has a great popularity describes as "goji berry of the world is in China, goji berry of China is in Ningxia and Ningxia`s goji berry is the best".lycium barbarum



Ningxia goji berry is categorized into 5 levels for experimental use. The fruit particles are required to have evenness in shape, with juicy fruit but not dry particle with impurities, humidity or bitten by insect.

Top Level:≤ 250grains/50g   

Excellent Level:≤ 280grains/50g

Superfine Level:≤ 370grains/50g  

First Rate:≤ 580grains/50g

Second Rate:≤ 900grains/50g


2. Identification


Color: The color of Ningxia goji berry should be red or dark red and lack luster.


Shape: Ningxia goji berry has big spindle size in shape with thin skin and full pulp. The particle is somewhat above normal size with style trace at the front of the particle and white stipe trace at the bottom.

Flavor: Ningxia goji berry is astringent at first bite then sweet, without ill-smell.

Goji Berry

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