Biogas residue as fertilizer

Biogas residue as fertilizer

1. Biogas slag alone is used as base fertilizer. In the autumn, the biogas residue directly taken out from the bottom of the biogas digester has a solid content of about 10%. It can be directly used as a basal fertilizer, directly sprinkling the field surface, and immediately ploughing. This will help the biogas fertilizer to enter the soil. The fertilizer effect is roughly equivalent to the same amount of manure. Apply 1000 - 2000 kg per acre. If applied for 3 years, the organic matter of the soil can be increased and the quality soil layer thickened.

Second, when using biogas residues as crop topdressing biogas residue as top dressing, the amount of 1000-1500 kg per mu can be directly used for digging holes to water around the roots of crops, and cover soil to improve fertilizer efficiency.

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