Tropical freshwater ornamental fish breeding

There are many tropical fish species and they have a wide range of sources. Different species of tropical fish, because of the different climate of the original habitat, different living habits, breeding methods are also very different.

1. Breeding water

(1) Activated Carbon .......

Simple processing of dog skin

1. First, remove the meat and greasy goods, feces, dirt, and blood from the dog's skin. Place it on a wooden board and grind it with a coarse emery cloth or brick until the root of the hair is slightly visible.

2, then use 5000 grams of Ming Gong 500 ml, boiled into the basin, .......

The daily management focus of cage culture of eating fish

Cage culture of predatory fish refers to all fish other than planktonic predatory fish (mainly carp) in cage culture, mainly including carp, carp, grass carp, carp, tilapia, and freshwater fish. , squid, squid, leather beard, etc. The cage fish culture has the advantages of investment, eff.......

Common faults and remedies for trailer brake systems

1, the distribution valve piston leakage

The fault phenomenon is that when the brake pedal is depressed, a large amount of compressed air leaks from the trailer control valve, and the compressed air in the air cylinder of the trailer leaks out quickly, losing the braking effect.

Viper's Comprehensive Development and Utilization

First, the initial processing of products

1. The processing of the money snakes The snake has just hatched 7 to 10 days of young snakes, after processing it is the medicinal commodity of the money white snake, is a more valuable medicine, the processing method is to soak the baby s.......

Breeding Techniques of Catfish Seedlings

First, collect seed

The loach period is usually from late June to the end of August. It can lay eggs several times, and October is the appropriate season for picking. Usually, on the beach after the low tide, scrape 0.5 cm thick mud layer, into the net bag, wash t.......

Meat dog breeding technology

How to choose venues and construction kennels

A. A large group of kennels raised in the selection field has a high topography, a dry, flat and slightly sloped sandy land, with sunny leewards, shade-free summer ventilation, and warm winter full sun. The kennel's underground .......

Roasted suckling pig processing technology

1 ingredients standards: Ingredients: a small pig. Excipients: 75 grams of salt, 50 grams of dry sauce, 150 grams of sugar, 50 grams of Southern flavor bean curd, 25 grams of sesame, 7.5 grams of five spices, onion, garlic, maltose, and a little different.

2 processing methods:

Hydra breeding technology

(1) Estrus and mating

In the natural world, the otters do not have a fixed breeding season, and they have copulation throughout the year. Many hunters believe that juvenile otters are mostly in heat in spring and summer. Two children can be born each year, usually one child and two.......