What does it take to dry your mouth?

What does it take to dry your mouth?

Diet to prevent chapped lips, should eat foods that are mild or cool.


Such as spinach, mustard, leeks, leeks, day lily (fresh lily should be steamed or boiled before consumption, to prevent colchicine poisoning), white radish, radish, eggplant, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, melon, cucumber, loofah, bitter gourd, Mushrooms, white fungus, mung beans, soybeans and their products.

Aquatic products:

Such as seaweed, kelp, jellyfish, oysters, turtle, snail, crab, loach, squid, squid, black fish, oysters.

Poultry eggs:

Such as black bone chicken, pork, duck, duck eggs, goose, goose, pig lung, rabbit meat, horse meat and milk.

Food and nuts:

Such as sesame, pine nuts, black beans, millet, wheat, barley.

Fruits and others:

Such as mulberry, sugar cane, banana, watermelon, melon, wolfberry, mango, pear, mangosteen, persimmon, pineapple, coconut, lotus root, lotus root, raw radish, lotus seeds, lily, barley, wolfberry fruit, tea, chrysanthemum, honey, rock sugar, Salt and so on.

In addition, chapped lips should quit smoking and drink less coffee.

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