Doing a Good Job in Jamsil and Mulberry Management

Doing a Good Job in Jamsil and Mulberry Management

Since the beginning of autumn this year, the weather is suitable, and it is very favorable to the occurrence of pests and diseases in mulberry fields. The ulnar warblers are particularly prominent. In the early period, the focus is mainly on the damage of the wormwood locust, and the later stage of damage is mainly mulberry ulnar warblers. The young larvae will be used for wintering in the mulberry garden. The amount of production in the field was more than two times that of the same period last year, and the base number was relatively large. In order to reduce the number of mulberry pests overwintering pests and reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests in the next year, we must conscientiously do a good job of “back to the mountain” after the end of autumn silkworms and the “closed pest control” work at Mulberry to lay a good foundation for sericulture production next year.

First, the silkworm silkworm has "back to the mountain disinfection" (1) environmental clean-up. Carefully clean and clean the silkworm room and the surrounding environment. Silkworms, dead silkworms, and sericulture wastes must not be randomly stacked. It is necessary to make farmyard manure after composting in areas away from Mulberry and Jamsil. (2) Cleaning and disinfection of cooking utensils. Used squared gills should be cleaned floating line first, and then placed on the outdoor concrete floor, with a 4% concentration of formaldehyde solution fine spray, and then covered with plastic film wrapped in the sun exposure of 2 to 3 hours, dried and bundled after the custody . The used silkworm paper, floating wire, rotten bowl, etc. must be burned centrally and must not be used for other purposes. (3) disinfection of silkworm silkworm. In the cleaning and cleaning on the basis of drug disinfection, with 250 times of trichloroisocyanuric acid, sodium bicarbonate powder (disinfection net) or compound calcium hypochlorite powder (killing sperm) and other efficient broad-spectrum disinfection agents, against silkworm silkworm room Perform a thorough disinfection. For households with heavy silkworm disease in middle and late autumn or residual mulberry in the silkworm room, they must use compound polyoxymethylene powder (toxin dissipation) or formaldehyde solution for one-time smoke disinfection.

Second, mulberry garden "closed pest management" (1) chemical control. Spraying 2.5% kungfufen perchlorate for 2000 to 3000 times, spraying the cracks on the bottom of the mulberry tree and the weeds on the mulberry field together, killing the pests. (2) Artificial control. Clean the mulberry field, timely weed control, remove the lower leaves of the branches, and eliminate pests in weeds and leaves. Prune the stub branches and bring them out of the mulberry garden. Kill mulberry worms, caterpillars, ulnar larvae and other overwintering larvae. Combining with disinfection and cleaning of the backhills to clean up the larvae and mulberry wormworms in and around the larvae, the larvae were killed.

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