Seasonal maintenance and storage of walk-behind transplanter

Seasonal maintenance and storage of walk-behind transplanter

When the rice transplanter is not used for a long time, the following mechanical inspection and maintenance shall be carried out in detail: 1. The engine shall be flushed with clean water under medium-speed operation, and weeds shall be completely and thoroughly cleaned. Do not stop operation immediately after washing, but continue to operate for 2 to 3 minutes (at this time, special care should be taken to prevent water from entering the air filter). 2. Fully lubricate the lubricating oil at each fueling point. 3. Replace the new oil at each designated oil change point. When the engine is replaced with new oil, it should be performed immediately after the end of the heat engine operation. 4. Completely release the remaining gasoline in the fuel tank and carburetor. 5, in order to prevent the cylinder wall and valve rust, to inject new oil into the spark plug hole about 20 ml, and then pull the starter about 10 turns. 6. Pull the recoil starter slowly and stop at a compressed position. 7. Apply oil and butter to all planting parts to prevent rust. 8, in order to extend the life of the pressing spring of the planting arm, the planting fork should be stored under the condition of pressing the seedling (the lowermost position). 9. The main clutch handle and the planting clutch handle are in the “OFF” position, the hydraulic handle is in the “DOWN” position, and the fuel cock is stored in the “OFF” state. 10. Since gear oil is also used as hydraulic oil, special care must be taken to prevent dust from entering during storage. 11. After cleaning the rice transplanter, cover the covering cloth, and store it in a place where there is little dust, moisture and direct sunlight. Prevent contact with corrosive substances such as fertilizers and pesticides. 12. After checking and confirming that spare parts and tools are complete, store them together with the rice transplanter.

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