Roosters and hens separate for Changi

Roosters and hens separate for Changi

According to the differences in the physiological characteristics of male and female meat, the group feeding can save material, so that the economic benefits increase 5-10%.

Male and female chickens have different growth rates. The roosters grow fast. At 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, the weights are 13%, 20%, and 27% higher than those of the hens. If the male and female polycultures have different weights, the food troughs and troughs have different requirements, and they tend to miss out on each other. The diet of hens is greatly affected.

Male and female hens have different genetic properties. After 7 weeks of age, the growth rate of hens was relatively reduced, and the consumption per kilogram of weight increased sharply. At the age of 7 weeks, the hens were sold with high feed efficiency and economy. The growth rate of the rooster decreased after 9 weeks of age, so the best selling efficiency of the rooster was 9 weeks old.

Male and female chickens have different environmental requirements. The early roosters require higher temperatures than hens and lower hens later. Because the cock weighs more than the hens. Therefore, the incidence of breast cysts is high, requiring loose material and appropriate thickening.

The nutritional needs of male and female chickens vary. Roosters have poorer ability to deposit fat than hens, but roosters can use proteins more efficiently. The protein in the early cock feed can be up to 25% and the hen can be 21-23%. The addition of lysine can significantly increase the growth rate and feed utilization rate of the rooster, while the hen response is small; feeding chlortetracycline can improve the hen's feed efficiency, while the rooster does not respond.

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