Peanut film to timely rupture membrane seedlings

Peanut film to timely rupture membrane seedlings

After the first sowing of peanuts, the top of the sowing line covered with plastic film was covered with insufficient soil. When peanut seedlings grow in top soil, they should be timely broken membrane pressure soil seedlings to prevent the high temperature at noon appear "roasted seedlings", affecting the normal growth of peanuts.
The method is to use a 3 - finger (thumb, forefinger, middle finger) to open a hole with a diameter of 4-5 cm above the seedling, and then grab a loose wet soil covering the membrane hole (do not press), the thickness of 3-4 Centimeter, with moisturizing heat preservation and dark seedlings unearthed. Sowing the land covered with soiled feet above the soil, when the top of the seedlings is cracked and the soil is green, remove the soil (heap) to the ditch in time. Because the speed of emergence of peanuts is different, membrane-breaking seedlings can be carried out in batches. If the seedlings have exposed green leaves, break the film and put the seedlings before 9 o'clock in the morning or after 4 o'clock in the afternoon to prevent "flash sprout" injury leaves, such as a large peanut area can also be a small eye above the seedlings to cool and then gradually Broken membrane induced seedlings.
When peanuts have two complex leaves, the mounds on the membrane holes should be cleared in time to reveal the cotyledonary nodes. When the main stem has four compound leaves, timely inspection should be carried out to extract the lateral branches buried under the membrane to make them. Robust growth. It takes 2-3 times before starting flowering.

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