ZL200410060652.0 New Patent Technology Details

ZL200410060652.0 New Patent Technology Details

ZL200410060652.0 New Patent Technology Details

Roots increase production agent

The patented technology of the invention mainly solves the problems that the existing plant growth regulators only promote or control the growth of stems and leaves, increase the chlorophyll, the seedlings are good, the roots are not strong, and premature aging cannot increase the production. Products applied to crops can promote cell proliferation of crops, increase tissue density, develop roots and grow new roots, thicken stems and veins, thicken leaves, accelerate metabolism, increase light full-function, increase germ cells and mature. Increase crop production by 15-30%. The present invention is mainly used for grasses, broadleaf plants and the like.

Features 1. This product is a kind of plant growth regulator successfully developed according to the characteristics of parasitic plants, and it has the effect of overproduction. It is similar to parasitic plants in terms of resistance to aphid, drought, strong growth, and high yield. Breaking the history, the crop has no wild performance and its vitality is weak. Excessive fertility does not increase production but reduces production. The use of this product to apply excessive fertilizer does not produce excessive winds. Over production exceeds 30%.

Features 2 This product belongs to the chemical industry is an organic compound. Mainly in the crops on the chemical reaction to change the internal environment and cell density, so that the substantial increase in crops, roots continue to grow new, stem stem thick stems, leaves thickening, UV damage. Increase life span and absorption and utilization of various minerals and fertilizers. Enhances photosynthesis and metabolism, promotes the synthesis and division and maturation of germ cells (plant cells have pluripotency, can generate a complete plant combined with proteins, fats and other nutrients and various hormones, become germ cells, and multiply reproductive generations ) So as to achieve the effect of increasing production.

Feature 3: After the product is used, the grains are full, the fruits are long, large, super-thick, can not fall fruit, fresh color, taste is positive, anti-rotten dead seedlings, weak seedlings can be strong. For example, the nutrient water contained in the sesame and the roots of the dead leaves can maintain nutrient water for a week, and there is still plenty of sweet water in the corn when it is harvested.

Feature 4: The use of this technology does not require the use of other drugs that increase production, regulation, and effectiveness. Because this product is harmful to the nerves of pests and has anesthetic effects, it can be harvested by using only one high potency drug once in the third week. This will reduce economic expenses. The funds invested by using this technology range from 2.5 to 10% of the increase in production value due to different crops.

The main ingredients and pharmacological effects:

Phenol and methanol (air inhalation can cause neurological disorders and corrosive effects).

Formic acid, formaldehyde (disinfectant, antiseptic, present in plant roots and some fruits).

Piperidine (has anesthesia, bactericidal effect).

Chlorethane (stimulated by nerves and anesthetic effects. It can strengthen cellulose synthesis).

Chloroacetic acid (can damage soft, corrosive, give the crop a pressure reaction, light weight can promote growth and increase production).

This product can make cells split and mature. After 3 to 5 days, the leaves undergo sleep movement. During this period, the leaves stop transpiration, so that the body's nutrient water expands and the stem veins are thick. The hormones in the plant will move in the roots and the roots will begin to increase. The leaves gradually become thicker, the color becomes thicker, and has the ability of resisting ultraviolet light destruction. After the medicine leaves no longer grow up, the cell tissue matures after 5 days, and there is no more sleep phenomenon day and night growth. The newborn leaves are oversized and bright yellow, spraying the second drug from one week to the next, and the leaves gradually become thicker and greener. Treated leaves are more spiritually active and no longer sleepy. The life span of the leaves is also prolonged, and each time the root system of medicine is doubled. After the third application, the annual crop has entered puberty. Due to the limitation of life cycle and fertility, overgrowth and rapid growth can affect germ cell maturation and nutrient accumulation. Therefore, it is not possible to use drugs after the flooding disaster. The roots of crops have reached dozens of times, and all kinds of cells and vitality have gone far beyond its own. It also enhances the synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) RNA, greatly improving the work efficiency and increasing the quality of the product.

Technical implementation essentials

Crop name

Age, interval


Temperature and mu usage

Rape, wheat

Once before winter, two springs (one week interval)

3 times

16 kg of water per 16 ml at 13-17 °C, and 18 kg of water per 16 ml above 17 °C, and dose (32 ml) should be doubled for grass crops. Cotton and vegetable shoots should be used at reduced doses (8 ml). The addition of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and urea 3 are both more effective and less than 13°C.

Sesame, peanut

Corn and rice

Use the first time after two weeks of seedlings, and use it at intervals of three weeks.

3 times

Fruit trees, fruit trees

After flower buds and thank flowers, avoid the full flowering period and melon buds.

Once each

Cotton, vegetables

After 8-12 leaves, two weeks apart

3 light sprays

Crop use comparison table:



After use features

Unused features


In the knot stage, 3 cm of small skin grows and matures, and the knotted rods are broken into the mud for three days before rooting and the rods mature.

In the knot period, 3 cm of small skins withered and died slowly. Before the knotted rods were broken and inserted into the mud, no rooting phenomenon gradually withered after three days, and they died in one week.


The second batch of mature fruit seedlings is still fresh. The first ripe fruit does not bud, the fruit is full and large, has a hypnotic effect on the underground pests, and is resistant to rotten root dead seedlings. The underground pests have no harm to the fruit when harvested.

Less than the second batch of mature fruit of needles has died, the first ripe fruit is easy to germinate, half of the fruit is harmed by underground pests at the time of harvest, and the phenomenon of dead roots is severe.


Mature horn on the top of high-yielding sesame reaches a maximum maturity of 54 knots. The roots still live and die, and the feet are thick and super-thick, reaching resistance to drought and drought.

Mature horns have died from 15 to 25 knots, with jaundice.


Ultra-high, hyperbranched, super-life-time seeds are more full of small red seeds and reach high yields.

There is no ability to resist drought and floods, and there are many red seeds and are not stable.

Wheat rice

The root system was developed, and the light rod was resistant to fall. The main head was divided at the same time. Its vitality increased its ability to resist disasters and increased its division. The grain is full and super large.

The main head left and right alternately split its vitality weakly, weakening in the event of drought and failing, and the grain is not full and does not increase production.


The plant type is compact, and it is not easy to fall off the peaches and peaches with the drought and drought, and the peaches are large. When the double dose is used in the later period, the old leaves and the useless late flowers will become withered. The tender head leaves will never die. Reaching air and light, reducing nutrient waste, so that the middle and small peaches continue to grow up.

Easy wind and long drought, will fall peaches and droughts, even the most rain off the peach up to two-thirds. After the late use of the fall, the whole plant died, and the small and medium peaches could not grow.

Fruit trees

Thick meat, thick skin, super thick, long, large, fresh and delicious fruit, vegetable roots developed, Miao leaves thick and robust.

The results are not strong, and drought and drought are easy to fall fruit, fruit is not, taste is not correct, thin skin, low meat production, intolerant of transport.


This technique is only available two weeks after the birth of the annual crop. Each swaying root grows twice. It is prohibited to enter the reproductive growth period. Crops must not be overtightened. Do not mix with herbicides. Insufficient fertility or lightening of leaves and shoots of broad-leaved crops. Lightly twisted leaves of fruit trees and young seedlings are normal. When duplicated or over doubling, it will cause crops Month inhibition period. (Sprinkle lime powder once after use for the second time to increase heat energy and light energy, which can increase the seed-setting rate. If the super-concentration or improper use is caused, the hazards will be at your own risk.

Note: This technology is not limited to the region, only temperature and humidity, fertility should be sufficient or increased to ensure increased production, anti-rotten seedlings, a hypnotic effect on the underground pests, non-toxic side effects, beneficial to the next crop. Product warranty period of three years.

Inventor: Chen Genwang Mobile Phone No.

Address: Hubei Province Xiangfan City High-tech Development Zone Root Wang Co., Ltd.

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