Summer flower seedling cutting propagation technology

Summer flower seedling cutting propagation technology

In the past few years, the flower industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for flowers and seedlings has continued to increase. However, seedling seedlings alone cannot meet the needs of the flower market. Therefore, the cutting and seedling raising techniques have become more and more popular among flower growers, especially in the summer and early autumn (early June~10. In the early part of the month, flower seedling cutting propagation has been widely adopted by flower growers because of its advantages such as rapid propagation speed, low cost, and large breeding capacity. Its key technologies are as follows:

1 cutting seedbed preparation and establishment of shade

1.1 Preparation of cutting bed

We should choose a place with flat terrain, sheltered from the wind, and well-drained areas, deep-dump 35cm, remove weeds, rocks and grassroots, break up clods, and finely clean the soil. It is required to have a width of 11m, a width of 0.3m and a length of 20m. After the seedbed is leveled, a layer of screened 6cm thick red heart soil is laid over the bed and sprayed with 2510-6 potassium permanganate solution to clear the seedbed.

1.2 Create an Arbor

Shade sheds generally use shading nets to fully shade the seedbeds, requiring that the shed be 1.7 meters high. The length and width of the sheds will depend on the size of the seedlings. Newly purchased shade nets cover one layer, and the old shading nets are thin and dilute due to large meshes, and it is better to cover two layers. In short, people feel that the sun's burning sunlight in the arbore turns into thin diffuse light.

2 Cuttings collection and cutting

2.1 Harvesting of cuttings

The collection of cuttings should be suitable for the annual or current year branches with pure varieties, robust growth, full shoots, and no pests. Broad-leaved flowers and trees shall be carried out in the sunny morning and in the evening or on rainy days. Sprinkles should be immediately sprinkled in the back of the branches so as to prevent the loss of water from affecting survival. At the same time, the branches are pruned and cut into 5 to 7 cm (with 2 or 3 buds) cuttings and cuttings. The blade at the lower end of 2~3cm should be cut off and the upper end blade should be retained. Larger leaves (such as sweet-scented osmanthus, smiles, etc.) should be kept 1/3 to 1/2 of the leaves to be cut, coniferous flowers and trees (such as pine, cypress, etc.) their branches are not limited to the collection time, if the cuttings are dried in the room for two days Improve the survival rate of cuttings.

2.2 cuttings cuttings

The cuttings should be sprinkled with water on the seedbeds, and then several parallel cutting trenches with a depth of about 1cm should be drawn horizontally on the seedbed. The cutting distance is about 5cm and the cutting distance is 4cm. The cuttings were cut into the soil at a distance of 3 cm from the lower end of the cuttings, and the upper leaves were exposed to the ground. The cuttings could be inserted forward or obliquely, but the cuttings should be avoided. After the cutting is completed, use 70% thiophanate-methyl 1500-fold spray, and finally use a transparent plastic shed to protect the moisture of the seedbed.

3 Management of seedbeds

Check the growth of seedlings can not be free to remove the film, but use the fingers lightly bow membrane, so that the inner membrane drops and then see the seedlings through the plastic film, if the leaves stand upright, the leaves do not hook the head is normal growth, such as the emergence of tender leaves Black mildew or mildew in the soil should be supplemented with 50% carbendazim 1000 times or 70% thiophanate-methyl 1500 times for re-sterilization. In general, the air humidity in the membrane should be kept above 90% and the temperature should be around 30°C. Check once a month. The bow membrane moisturization lasts until October, and the shade shelters must be removed until the end of the year.

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