Hybrid corn storage

Hybrid corn storage

First, disinfection before storage

After threshing, the hybrid corn seeds should be clean and windy, prevent the hybrid corn from mildew during storage, and use 50% pungent sulfuric acid or 80% dichlorvos 1500 times to spray the inside and outside of the empty warehouse and surrounding environment (walls, floors, etc.). Newly-prepared hybrid corn storage containers must also be sterilized prior to placement to kill pests that cross over the sheds, wall joints, and panels over the winter.

Second, the construction and sealing of the container

1. The construction of storage grain warehouses. According to the economic conditions of the family and the amount of hybrid corn to be stored, a circular or square hybrid corn storage warehouse is built with bricks and cement in a place convenient for moisture-proofing, so that it can be stored in isolation from other foods, so as to prevent mold, insects and rats. .

2. Manufacturing of enclosures for grain storage containers. The 0.35 mm thick sheet metal plate was cut into two pieces of 100 cm and 200 cm in size, and 7 holes were drilled at a joint width of 4 cm, and the metal skin container was formed by tightening screws. It is also possible to use two fiberboards of 100 cm and 200 cm in size instead of iron sheets to make the same size of fiberboard enclosures. After the enclosure is made, use a wide clear tape or paper paste at the joint. When used, cover the bottom of the mask with 0.8 mm plastic film, and then insert the hybrid corn. Then use a fresh cow dung or a suitable amount of stove ash to paste into a paste to seal the feet. The height of the paste is about 10 cm, and then fumigate after application.

3, the transformation of old grain storage containers. Non-standard grain storage containers such as old bamboo fences, old rice dumplings, and old wooden cabinets in rural households can be affixed with tape or paper according to the above method, or they can be leveled with fresh cow dung and stove mortar and wait until dry. Seal the inside with a layer of plastic film or two layers of paper.

Third, the use of agents

1, aluminum phosphide tablet fumigation method. Weave the aluminum phosphide sheet by braiding with a cloth with a length of 10 cm and a length of 10 cm. The wooden bag is used to divide the medicine packet into upper, middle and lower layers, and randomly distribute 6-8 pieces of phosphorus per 1,000 kg of hybrid corn. Aluminium tablets were inserted into a container filled with hybrid corn. The inserted packet was approximately 10 cm from the container wall. The container mouth is then tightly sealed with a 0.8 mm plastic film so that it can be used as a closed fumigation.

2, phosphating acidizing method. Put the hybrid corn into the storage container 10 cm away from the container mouth, use 3 large-caliber bottles, and mix the corn with 2 g of garlic and 8 ml of sour vinegar with 1000 kg of mixed vinegar. Put the vinegar in the bottle and insert into the surface of the grain. / 2, from the container wall 10 cm triangular shape, then pour zinc phosphide, quickly sealed with 0.8 mm plastic film cover can be tight.

3, preservation of grain, phosphorus and grain storage method. 400 kg of phosphorus per 1,000 kg of hybrid corn is mixed evenly in the container, or each layer of hybrid corn is filled with 30-centimeters (300 kilograms) of phosphorus (100 grams) to reach fullness.

4, pest phosphorus pharmaceutical carrier mixed grain storage method. According to the standard of 30 grams of insecticidal phosphorus active ingredient for each 1000 kg hybrid corn or 43% of 70% insecticide phosphorus preparation, the required pharmaceutical agent is first mixed with water 1 times and 1 kg rice bran or sawdust and mixed to make a drug carrier, and then with the corresponding amount of Hybrid corn is mixed evenly.

5, dichlorvos smoke law. With 80% of dichlorvos 50 grams, the old cotton wool was soaked, placed on the bottom of a container covered with plastic film, matted with a mat or straw sheet, filled with 500-800 kg of hybrid corn, and sealed with 0.8 mm plastic film. kill.

6, phoxim toxicity method. With 50% phoxim 2 grams of water, 100 grams of mixed rice bran, 0.5 kilograms of toads were made, and mixed with 100 kilograms of hybrid corn.

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