Fertilizer What are the characteristics and role

Fertilizer What are the characteristics and role

Bacterial fertilizer is a function similar to, or complementary to, the microbial flora screened from the "prebiotics". The main role is as follows:

(1) Nitrogen fixation: "Beneficial bacteria" can convert inorganic nitrogen in the air into organic nitrogen (such as amino acids) through photosynthesis and can be directly used for absorption and utilization by fruit trees.

(2) Decomposition: "Good bacteria" produces many beneficial substances in life activities, which can change the nutritional environment within the rhizosphere of fruit trees, activate phosphorus, potassium and other mineral elements, and facilitate fruit tree absorption and utilization.

(3) Hormone effect: "Probiotics" can secrete hormones, affect the content of endogenous hormones in fruit trees, and then have a profound effect on growth and physiological metabolism.

(4) Resistance: The increase of beneficial bacteria can limit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms. Many enzymes secreted by the beneficial bacteria can increase the activity of enzymes in fruit trees and increase resistance to disease and stress.

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