Breeding management points

Breeding management points

There are often two cases of introduced seedlings. One is from the abdomen and both sides. It is found that there are grains of rice embryos, and even from the abdomen to see the stripes on the back of the child, this situation is called to be born. The time of childbirth is nearly two or three days, and as many as ten days. The other case is that the abdomen is enlarged from the back, and there is no grainy embryo formation from the abdomen, but the brownish husks are obscurely seen from the side. This condition is called Pregnancy. If the temperature is controlled between 32°C and 36°C, most of them will be delivered within 40 days.

For newly introduced species, do not rush to put them in the pond. It is better to place them in larger basins and then “grading” them one by one (when the species is introduced, the male has been separated and can be put into the pool). The specific approach is: Use tweezers to clamp the tail of the tweezers at two or three knots, the tweezers curl automatically, you can observe the abdomen. When it is found that the cockroach is to be produced, it can be placed in a bottle containing 3 cm thick sandy soil. Place two bottles per bottle. Put two pieces of Tenebrio in the bottle and let them eat freely.

The bottle containing the bottle to be produced is then collected and placed on the childbirth frame of the childbirth room. The remaining pregnancies can be placed in feeding ponds for observation, and every other day should be “graded” once. In day-to-day management, check the birth bottle one by one every day. If there are childbirths, you must sandwich the childbirth child in another bottle, and let the child or both of the childbirth be put together and record the date of birth so that the birth date can be later. management. When the sand in the bottle is too dry, use a sponge or other container to drip water along the bottle wall to keep it moist. Found dead worms that have spoiled and spoiled and cleaned out in time.

Raising good seedlings is the foundation for the development of artificial breeding. First of all, we must pick a large, robust public money. As the saying goes: "The mother-in-law has a good nest, and the male-in-law has a good slope." After mating, it's best to keep them separately. The breeding of axillary nests should be clean and quiet, the feed should be fresh and varied, the temperature and humidity should be normal, and the density should be appropriately relaxed. In this way, you can cultivate a healthy, high-quality baboon group.

Mating management. Under constant temperature culture conditions, the quail group can mate at any time. The male and female show irritability before mating, and look for spouses — females — to find mates. Once they are found, they will be mated. If they are not found, they will be placed on tiles or stones.

The key to the management of the mating period is to create suitable external conditions so that the male and female can successfully complete the mating in a good environment. These conditions are:

1 temperature between 28 °C ~ 38 °C. Within this range, the higher the temperature, the higher the mating success rate.

2 Avoid strong light. Strong light can significantly prolong or interrupt the mating process, and weak light can induce mating.

3 Scorpion afraid of the wind. Windless and breezy weather facilitates mating.

4 The ground is flat and firm, and there is a certain friction, which is conducive to fixing fine boring, and can complete the mating smoothly.

5 The timid child is afraid of disturbing and should create a hidden and quiet mating environment.

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