Wheat thoroughbred purchase five attention

Wheat thoroughbred purchase five attention

At present, the autumn harvest is imminent, and farmers’ friends must pay attention to five things when purchasing wheat varieties:

First, we must pay attention to the seeds of legal seed business units.

Second, we should pay attention to selecting varieties that have been nationally or provincially approved or have been planted by the province and are suitable for local planting.

Third, we must pay attention to the comprehensive performance of varieties, so that thoroughbreds can be matched with roads and good methods. Must not blindly choose seed.

Fourth, we must pay attention to the inspection of seed quality and seed quality inspection reports and select high-quality seeds.

Fifth, pay attention to asking for proof of purchase. The species purchase certificate must include the species name (absolutely not an abbreviated form), the quantity, and the time of purchase, etc., and be affixed with the official seal of the sales organization. The official seal must be identical with the name on the business license or business license. In addition, the system for seeds should also be a unified invoice or uniform format.

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