Tree pruning method

Tree pruning method

First, cut off a part of the branch. Its main purpose is to stimulate the germination of lateral buds, draw new shoots, increase the number of shoots, multiple leaves, and more flowering. According to the degree of short cut, it can be divided into the following four kinds:
(a) Light and short cuts. The tips of lightly cut branches are mainly used for the pruning of strong branches of flowers and fruits. This pruning method can stimulate the majority of the lower half of the full bud germination, scattered shoots of nutrients, so that the next year branches produce more short and medium branches, forming flower buds.
(b) Short cuts. Cut to the middle or upper part of the shoots with full buds (cut to 1/3 to 1/2 of the length of the shoots). It is mainly used for rejuvenation of some weak branches and various kinds of trees to cultivate backbone branches and extension branches.
(c) Short cuts. Cut 2/3 to 3/4 of the total shoot length. This kind of pruning method has a large stimulatory effect and is mainly used for the renewal and rejuvenation of weak trees, old trees, and old and weak branches.
(d) Retraction. Cut off the perennial branches. Because the trees grow for many years, they are far from the top of the branches, and the bases are easy to light. In order to reduce the top position and promote the regeneration and regeneration of perennial branches, this method is often used.
Second, sparse shearing or sparse cut the branches from the meristem, shear thinning can regulate the uniform distribution of branches, increase space, improve ventilation and light transmission conditions, is conducive to the growth of tree branches internal growth and flower bud differentiation. The sparsely cut objects are mainly pests and branches, dry branches and dense cross branches.

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