Japan Develops New Technology to Suppress Plant Gene Function

Japan Develops New Technology to Suppress Plant Gene Function

Japan Develops New Technology to Suppress Plant Gene Function New Technology Reporter He Degong Xinhua News Agency Tokyo, October 10th Takashi Yu, a researcher at the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology, recently developed a new technology that can more simply suppress plant genes. helpful.
According to "Nihon Keizai Shimbun", transcription factors in plant cells have a controlling effect on gene function and are divided into two types: activation and inhibition. Takagi Yu, a researcher, started with transcription factors and developed a technology that can convert activated transcription factors into inhibitory transcription factors. At present, Gao Muyou and other researchers have successfully suppressed the function of various genes through the experiment of leeks and confirmed the effectiveness of the technology. The researchers believe that the technology can also be used for rice and wheat.
It is much more difficult to inhibit the function of plant genes than to inhibit the function of animal genes. The previous technology had an experimental success rate of only 1%, and the experimental success rate of this new technology can reach more than 30%.
Biologically, a plant that inhibits the growth of a certain gene after its function can understand the function of the gene as compared with a normally grown plant, which has a great effect on the development of a good crop variety.

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