Pre-snow, middle and post greenhouse vegetable management

Pre-snow, middle and post greenhouse vegetable management

I. Pre-winter greenhouse vegetable management measures:

1, before the snow even cloudy days, under the premise of ensuring the temperature of the greenhouse, we must normally uncover the haystack, and strive for precious scattered light, the time to grasp in the early cover than the sunny days cover each one hour.

2. The application of organic fertilizer before snow can increase the heat capacity of the soil, buffer the cooling brought about by the loss of heat even in cloudy days, and can also promote the ability of the root system to improve cold resistance.

3, moderate control of water before the snow is very important to reduce the relative humidity of indoor air, can reduce the occurrence of disease, and can create a bottom foot and dry topsoil environment.

Second, the greenhouse vegetable management measures:

1, when the snow should be a good grass dumplings, timely cover the greenhouse with cold film, in the front edge of the greenhouse with a straw and then block a layer of cold skirts, the buffer room door closed, to prevent the cold wind into the harm.

2. Photosynthesis of vegetable crops is weak when snowing, and there are few photosynthetic products synthesized. In order to reduce respiratory consumption, night greenhouse temperature should be 2~3°C lower than nighttime in sunny days.

3. In the case of continuous cloudy snow days, the respiratory depletion of vegetables is greater than photosynthesis, and a large amount of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide are accumulated in the greenhouse. Therefore, for more than three days in continuous snowfall, the snow at noon should be released for 1 hour.

Third, greenhouse vegetable management measures after the snow:

1, after the snow to remove the film on the snow cover, increase the transparency and the amount of light; as long as the temperature does not cause a sharp decline after the exposing of the shed temperature, it should be revealed every day.

2, when the sun comes out, if the leaves appear wilting, should put down a part of grasshopper shading, can be placed one at a time, until the wilting symptoms have been reduced, and then roll drafting crickets, such as wilting reappear, you can put grasshoppers down again, This repeated several times, the general wilting can be restored.

3. If diseases have occurred in the greenhouse, conventional spraying will not only increase the humidity in the greenhouse but also aggravate the disease. It can be treated with aerosols such as chlorothalonil and sulfasalazine.

4, in order to prevent vegetables from freezing, should be timely scratching loose soil, appropriate amount of topdressing soil conditioners such as sea power, irrigation per acre to 6 to 8 liters; foliar spray plant growth regulator harvest harvest No. 1, Yunda 120 Wait, while adding a small amount of sugar (50 grams of sugar per barrel of water).

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