Brief introduction of pesticides for preventing and treating mango pests and diseases

Brief introduction of pesticides for preventing and treating mango pests and diseases

Physicochemical properties Appearance Dark yellow liquid, density 1.04-1.08 kg/L, stable storage period 2 years, not mix with alkaline pesticides.
Toxic and highly toxic insecticides are toxic to mammals, birds, and bees, and should comply with the safety regulations for the use of highly toxic pesticides when applying pesticides.
The functional characteristics, also known as chlorsulfuron, is a broad-spectrum organophosphorus insecticide with contact toxicity, stomach toxicity, and osmotic effects. It has a killing effect on chewing mouthparts and sucking mouthpart insects. It has the function of penetrating, can infiltrate into plant tissues, has a long residual period, is especially effective to scale insects, and also has a certain control effect on the fleas. The insecticidal mechanism is to inhibit the activity of the zebrafish cholinesterase.
The control subjects and methods of use mainly control a variety of scale insects and cockroaches, and must be applied to the pups and young pupae during the prosperous period. The application interval should be 10-15 days and the application should be 2-3 times. The foliar spraying concentration is 1 000-1 500 times, the control effect is good, and the residual period is 15-20 days.

Overall Reflex LED Operating Light

Germany imported beads

Imported French lens

mould Die-casting  Eight edge type Revolving arm

Optional emergency power supply≥3 hours

Main Feature:

1.ZF series of reflective shadowless lamp is widely used in various occasions operation lighting needs,is the ideal lighting equipment of modern operation room.

2.Full close streamline lamp body design completely meets the demand of the sterilization and high standard of laminar flow purification in operation room.

3.Adopting more than 5280 slices of reflection mirror, guaranteeing 1200 mm lighting depth.

4.Special design of color temperature compensation provides closer to that of natural sunlight and helps the doctor to distribute operation parts clearly and accurately.

5.The back-up bulb will start work within 0.2 seconds automatically in case the main bulb is damaged,ensuring the continuation of surgical operation. There`s failure indication in the handle control panel,to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.

6.Detachable handle jacket ,can be used for high temperature (≤134℃)sterilized.

7.Digital-control circuit offers many functions, with 10 segment brightness selection stepless lighting regulation,brightness memory, low voltage start-up and power on self test etc.

8.The life-span of OSRAM halogen bulb is up to 1500 hours; the bulbs can be changed easily.

9.Germany ORSAM  lamp socket,thermostability

10.Balance arm can be optional Germany imported or domestic.

11.Mould Die-casting  Eight edge type Revolving arm

Overall Reflex LED Operating Light

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